I’m thrilled to say Rewriting the Law is now complete and the final installment is in Sexy to Go Volume 8. I don’t know about other authors but for me there is always a little bit of a wrench when a new story is out there. I suppose it is a bit like letting the baby go. I do know I shall miss Ansgar and Elana as they have been great fun to work with and they have taken me on a journey I wasn’t really expecting to take for a while yet.
I loved their first meeting and I loved the way they interacted. Here is a little snippet from the last episode in Sexy to Go Volume 8.

Sexy to Go Volume 8 Cover Flat

She glanced to the wispy green fabric lying where he’d dropped it when he peeled it off her earlier. “I can’t meet someone when I’m wearing that.”
“Why not? It is perfect for your coloring.”
She shook her head. “No. It’s immodest and much too revealing.”
He laughed. “This is our drone you are meeting not the High Commissioner. There is nothing wrong with the dress. Most mated females wear such things.”
Elana rose from the bed and picked the garment up. “This is like wearing colored air,” she said as she slid into the transparent slip. A frown formed as she tweaked at the straps in an effort to set bodice higher. “No Melan female should wear this type of thing outside her bedroom.”
“But you are not on Melan,” he said. “Come meet the drone and we will talk about new garments for you. If we are called to the capital as I suspect we will be then you will need more clothes.”
“May I select the new things? In a style I think suitable?”
She crossed the room to him; a flame haired beauty he could still scarce hope was his. “I will say yes,” he said. “With one stipulation, you will wear nothing as ugly as the suit I found you in.”

After saying goodbye to Rewriting the Law, at least for a little while, I am looking at saying hello to my next story for Sexy to Go, The Weatherman. I’m excited about this story and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the readers in Sexy to Go. I hope you will welcome Jack and Clair and enjoy them.
The elevator door opened onto the plush carpeted corridor, and Jack stood waiting for her with one of his lazy smiles, the kind if they’d been in bed on Saturday might have kept her pinned there until the alarm on Monday. As it was she walked across to join him.
“How were the latest model runs?” he asked.
“Same as they’ve been for the last week, fiendishly tricky.” She lowered her voice to a confidential whisper. “I don’t know what to make of them. No one on the forecast team does.”
“Ah, perhaps you’ll allow me the opportunity to enlighten you?” he said.
Clair closed her eyes at his warm soft breath against her ear. She luxuriated in the tone she recognized and adored. “Mmm.” Words wouldn’t come.
“Keep your eyes closed and take my arm, Ms. Andrews.”
She did and obediently walked at his urging. The lift, she could sense it around her as she stepped with him into it.
“I’m in an instructive mood, Ms. Andrews. I hope you’re prepared to be enlightened.”

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