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You heard the story in last weeks news about the couple having a massive breakup argument on the plane, and another passenger live tweeting it to the world? No?



Check out the full story here: http://au.eonline.com/news/689124/woman-live-tweets-couple-s-awkward-plane-breakup


The gruesome-writer part of me gobbled up the details, of course, with my plot bunnies all waking, and pricking up their ears. So many options to choose from.


43705088_sIf you were going to use this as a prompt to write a story – a romance novel – what angle would you take?


The broken-hearted girl? Being dumped in public by her jackass partner?


The guy? Being pushed to dump her at the worst possible moment, and hating everything about how public it was?


13546273_sOr the mysterious Charlotte? I admit, she’s where my thoughts leapt to. Imagine if their relationship had been a secret, for whatever reason, and now the world knows about her?


I’ve already written a steamy little story about a couple hooking up on a plane, maybe it’s time to write the opposite * grin *




My #PlaneHookUp story appears in Sexy To Go volume 1 – currently on sale on Amazon, along with the rest of the Sexy To Go volumes.


STG 1 - new cover$0.99 on Amazon


And to give you a taster, here’s an excerpt for you 🙂



Faking It (Sexy To Go volume 1)



I put down my glass of champagne, and took a moment to smooth my pony tail. His gaze followed my hands, and I played with my hair a little longer. Would I pick up the conversation baton, or would he?

“So.” He rolled the word around, dimples flashing with a quick smile. “What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Purely in the interests of research, of course.”

“Of course.” Shit, what could I say? With my imagination running riot, I grabbed the first lie that came along. “At a rock gig. I was so turned on by the band, I dragged my partner into the deserted ticket office and we did it on the desk in there.”

His eyes darkened. “The music turned you on, huh?” His voice dropped to a sensuous purr.

“Completely.” Totally channelling my inner-erotic-author personality, I sucked one finger into my mouth, and then rubbed it back and forth across my lower lip. Jez couldn’t take his eyes off me. “Just thinking about the concert, I’m horny now.”

Surely he wouldn’t fall for my act? I was behaving more like a porn star with every passing minute.

He shifted in his seat. “On a plane?” He rasped the words. “Have you ever researched how to fuck on a plane?”

Holy crap. I was so totally over my head. If I’d ever plucked up courage to talk to a random guy before, it would be about video games, or the latest sci-fi movies, not sex. I wanted to hug myself and laugh in delight.

Dragging my attention back, I schooled my features to give him a thoughtful look. “I haven’t. D’you think I should?”

“Oh, yeah.” He blinked, and then smiled at me. “Maybe I can help you with that?” Sucking in a deep breath, he glanced at his watch. “We have almost an hour until dinner arrives. Let’s talk through how it might work.”

I’d sit here and listen to his sexy voice all day. I nodded in reply, while trying not to swoon at the thought. “Go for it. If you were going to seduce the woman sitting next to you on the plane, how would you do it?”

“Hmm. Do I know her? Or is she a stranger?”

I took a gulp of my dwindling bubbly, and tried to sound nonchalant. “Oh, a stranger. Definitely.”

Our seats were huge, more like giant armchairs, but when he turned to face me, there was very little space between us. Had it just gotten hot in here? His smile turned predatory, and very confident. “We’d already have dispensed with the introductions, yeah?” I nodded. “And she’s interested?” I nodded again.

“Hmm.” He seemed to think for a moment. “I’d ask her favourite drink.” He touched the stem of my glass. “You can tell a lot by her favourite drink. Long and slow, like a glass of fruit-loaded Pimms on a hot day, or short and brutal, like a glass of rough whisky.”

“What about champagne?”

“She likes the fine things in life. She sparkles and shines with all the other beautiful people.”

Oh, he was good. I could fall for his brand of charm. “And then what?”

“If you could be drinking champagne anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?” His voice was hypnotic.

  • “On a secluded beach in the sunshine. Pure, white sand, palm trees fringing the area, and with the crash of the surf in the distance.”

“Perfect. Now close your eyes, and let me tell you about it.” I hesitated and he touched my glass again. “I can blindfold you if you prefer.”

Blindfold. Unbidden, the idea of him doing that burned itself into my brain. My lungs struggled for air, and my pulse leapt to a gallop. In an instant, my mouth was too dry to speak, and all I could do was nod. How would it feel to have his slender fingers fastening something around my eyes. Taking away one of my senses. Dark thoughts beckoned from the dusty corners of my brain, and I squirmed in my seat.