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Happy Tuesday! Does it feel like a Monday to you? For those in the U.S I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.

I was up late last night not really editing and not really writing. I guess I would call it tinkering. I’m rereading WIPs and even finished manuscripts and changing a word here or there. I guess my brain isn’t ready for anything too serious.

The full control and freedom that comes with self-publishing also has a dark side: you can keep making changes. You can change the cover, change the blurb, change the story. If you’re not careful changes can take all of your time!

I haven’t decided on my next big project yet. I’m excited to say that I finished the eight story serial of Daniel and James. You can read them in Sexy to Go. All eight volumes are currently on sale for 99 cents!  As far as the serials go, the ending is definitely my favorite! It is sweet yet still erotic. I think it is a good way to leave the two men I have grown to love.

Wrapped in Ribbon
Finally, Daniel’s life is looking up. With money in the bank and his lover healed, he wants to celebrate. He gives James the present he’s wanted to give him for years and is surprised by the present James gives him in return.


Someday I plan to add to their story and release them as a full novel. However, I want to let that story sit for a while. I also need to come up with a series name. Any ideas?

In case you hadn’t heard, one of my publishers Secret Cravings Publishing is closing their doors. I received my rights reversion email for my M/M novella Country Crush. In the near future, I plan to re-read that manuscript, lengthen it, and self-publish. I also plan to write two more books in what will become the Knocking Boots series. *grin* I’ve had a few readers ask for more with my cowboys Will and Blake.