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When some says that… “Down the rabbit hole.” I immediately think of falling into ansssLandra unwanted 30 minute dive into Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, or any number of distractive forces the internet conjures.

Yet, today I’m using it to describe my latest smexy, erotic, hot mess story idea. It all started in the shower.

Yes. You read that right. My best ideas come to me when my body is only covered in suds. So be it. The Dudette will not piss of her muse. The muse likes to strike in the shower and today she finally decided to open my mind to an Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance that is going to blow the top off everyone’s mind.

Think dirty rockers, fae, demons, djinn, and so much more. It’s going to be filthy. And just maybe I’ll post some naughty excerpts right here as this story takes more thought.

In the meantime, where does your muse strike? In uncomfortable places? Before bedtime? Or when you’re at your most vulnerable? P.S. The muse is not just for writers, any creative sort with an idea has a muse. So speak up readers. 🙂