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Eva2Well the week of Labor Day here in the states is over. Having a three day weekend is always a bit of toss up though. You seem to get more grief the four days you do work because of that one day off!

I’m settling in to my new job though and it’s hard to find the time to write a lot but I’ve got several projects in the frying pan at the moment. Some of you might have heard that publisher Secret Cravings has gone out of business. I have a short work with them that I will be re-editing and re-using for the Sexy to Go series.

I’ve also been working on a new M/M submission for MLR Press – a Christmas story. Like my last one, this also features a former soldier and a younger man. Look for it to be out later this year.

There will also be a Halloween and a Christmas special edition of Sexy to Go, and I’m currently working on a Dr. Frankenstein story for the October release. Maybe it’s watching all that Penny Dreadful but I really like the idea of monster erotica. Yum! One of these days I’m still going to do tentatcles…. I shall I shall!

But for now, let’s focus on Penny Dreadful.


In the first season, Josh Hartnett who plays Ethan has sex with a man – Dorian Grey – and also has a girlfriend named Brona (who’s dying of consumption). That seems to me about as open-minded as you could get in Victorian England! Which reminds me of something I’d write, actually. I love to mix and match and am always up for adding a third to most of my relationships.

In my Sexy to Go wolf shifter series, I have a M/F pairing but the F also has a F/F pairing on the side.

In Double the Fantasy, the M in the story has a sexy evening with a F/F couple who lead him to a F relationship of his own.

I really should write one with two M’s plus one! Or a M/F/M M/M/M combo. Hmm maybe one of them could be a monster!

*grins as naughty ideas come to mind*

I better get back to work! Thanks for stopping by!



12871825_sExcerpt from my Halloween story:

With a little help from him, she stood on brand new legs, the honey brown tresses flowing down her back reminded him of the first time he’d seen her in the flower field. He wanted her to see how beautiful she was, too. See her through his eyes, perhaps glimpse an inking of his deep feelings for her. “Come, my love. Follow me.”

He waited patiently for each of her timid steps to take them across the room. There, parked in the corner, stood an oversized floor mirror. He positioned her directly in front of it and stepped behind her, steadying her with his hands on her shoulders.

Her first reaction was a shocked gasp. Then, a pained expression as she searched her own eyes looking for herself in the reflection.

“You are still you, my dear. Only the outer shell has changed.”

“But it’s changed so much!” She leaned toward the glass, fingers sweeping over her face, then down her neck and finally to her breasts. She made a tsk sound. “These were never that big, Victor.”

“Yes they were. I remember them well. They always fit so perfectly in my hands.” He cupped her breasts, both of them, and savored the weight of her newly made flesh. Testing her reactions, he swept his fingers over her nipples.

Her passionate mewl hardened him instantly. This is what he had missed, what he’d wanted to show her. “Yes, Elizabeth. The brain remembers, even if the body seems unfamiliar.” He kissed her neck the way she used to like. “It is still you and me.”

“Oh, Victor.” Her tone suggested she wanted to admonish him, tell him he shouldn’t have, but the words never came. Instead, she lowered her hand to her downy mound and teased her fingers through the dark curls.

He held his breath for a few seconds, gratified at how easily she’d taken to exploring her new body. Elizabeth was always the more daring one. He’d hoped to recapture that side of her by giving her back her youth but this was far more, far quicker a response than he’d hoped for. “You were always so lovely. You deserved to be lovely again.”

“Even if it’s not really me?” Her lips quirked into a half smile, betraying her hesitation. But her eyes shone with eager boldness. A passion he hoped to stoke before the night was through.