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Way back when the internet was still younger, and not everyone knew what Google was (yes, I remember those days), there was a list that floated around that was the top ways you know you spend too much time online.

All other comments asidnight-i-lost-control-ctrl-computer-keyboard-memee, the one thing on this list that really stood out to me was “You make a mistake in real life, and instinctively look for Ctrl+Z to undo it”

Over the last couple of months, I dove into a heavy revision of the first novel I ever self published. It was also the first novel I unpublished and then tucked in a corner while I tried to figure out why the world didn’t love it as much as I did.

The story got a heavy overhaul. It’s several thousand words longer than it was before, and in addition to adding new content, I deleted a *lot* of stuff. Now my wonderful characters are much more likable on paper, their story isn’t so convoluted, and it feels more like they’ve earned their happily ever after.

Which got me to thinking, what if we really could Ctrl+Z our lives? You’re talking to someone, they say “My friend was in a car accident last week.” You say “Was it their fault?”

Crap. Ctrl+Z. “Geez, that’s horrible. Is everyone okay?”

You’re paying so much attention to what you’re friend is saying, while you walk down the street, you run into a low-hanging tree branch. Ouch. Ctrl+Z, and duck. No more headache, no more embarrassment.

I assume the button would be used and abused, but it is kind of fun to imagine. Would you ever use a Ctrl+Z button for something besides undoing tiny mistakes?

Heavy revisions aside, Denial of Interest doesn’t just feature new content from its original release, Holding Her Close, it’s about two people struggling to rewrite the past–both together and in their professional lives–without losing themselves in the process. And I have a deleted scene for you, that I just hated to cut.

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His murmur tickled her skin, and she realized he was saying something. “We have a problem.”

That didn’t sound good. The twinge of disappointment didn’t erase her want, but it did make her hesitate. “Oh?”

As he straightened up, he cupped both tits and massaged them, thumbs flicking over her nipples. He kissed up her neck to her ear. “We ran out of condoms last night.” He traced his tongue along the outer edge of her ear. “And my extraordinary powers of observation tell me neither of us had time to pick up more.”

She would have laughed at his tone if disappointment wasn’t floating in. Her shoulders slumped, and she leaned her full weight against the door. “So what now?”

Stupid question. He’d go home, they’d do more work tomorrow, and maybe things would be different. Except his attention to her chest never let up, and she couldn’t ignore the wetness between her legs.

He massaged harder. “We improvise.”

“How?” Her question ended in a gasp when he dropped his mouth to the soft skin, where her shoulder met her neck, and he sucked hard.

She squirmed under the intense combination of sensations: the sensuality and the tingle of pain. His knee rested between her legs when she pressed closer. The faint scents of peppermint gum and smoke filled her head with helium. She still didn’t know what he was up to, but the teasing was driving her wild.

She shifted her weight, grinding against his leg. The friction didn’t relieve her need the way she wanted. Instead it intensified.

He glided his hands down her sides and hooked them in the elastic of her shorts. He trailed a line of kisses down her chest, dropped to his knees, and pulled off the rest of her clothing along the way.

When his mouth found her hip, she whimpered. He traced his finger along the edge of her pussy, not parting the folds. She clenched her fists. She needed something to hold onto.

His spread her legs, and moved his tongue over her slit. She gasped at the mounting anticipation as he licked tiny lines over her slick skin. He wrapped his lips around her clit, and she cried out.

The sensation carried her to the edge, but not over. Her knees swayed, and her legs threatened to give out. He traced circles around her sex, sucking, and occasionally nibbling the swollen skin.

A hand glided up the inside of her thigh, and then two fingers slid inside her. It stretched her open, but because she was slick enough, there wasn’t a lot of friction. She bit the inside of her lip as he pumped and licked.

She fisted his hair, holding him close as climax surged through her. It crashed over her in a powerful burst, and her pussy clenched around his fingers as she came.

His touch grew lighter until his hands moved to her hips, and he helped her drop to the ground before her knees gave out.

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