I was going to use this post to promo Sexy to Go 9 and Sexy to Go Halloween 15, both compilations are wonderful collections of fabulous sexy stories, but I got caught up in something else.
A couple of weeks ago I visited Lichfield, one time home of the man who standardised the spelling of English, but enough said of him. I found myself in a book shop and there I bought a copy of Mr. Samuel Pepys Diary. I have wanted my own copy of this historical resource for a long time. Greedily I devoured the whole thing. The early sections aren’t too exciting but later on Sam opens up in a way that is astonishing.
There were certain parts of the diary where I could cheerfully have hit him. His attitude to his long suffering wife became a major cause of my ire. It was only well into the book, when he and his wife were travelling, I finally understood something we all might find odd; there were times when the maid slept in the same room, or even the same bed with them. This obviously made the odd grope here and there quite convenient.
History is a ticklish thing and this is one element of it I find hard to deal with; a complete and total lack of privacy in so many areas of life. Sex in front of the maid? Yes, he did it and wifey seemed not to mind at all. There is nothing in the diary to suggest this was unusual or a prelude to what might be considered a genuine menage. Sex with the maid, yes, he did that too, but sneakily so his wife didn’t see or so it reads. He did get caught once and then ha ha, he suffered wifely displeasure for a long time due to it.
I’m a historian and I should accept that life was different then, that wealthy couples were used to folk being with them at the most intimate of moments. Even using the equivalent of the lavatory a person may well not have been alone.
Not only were bodily functions something to talk and write about but your efficiency in the bedroom drew comment too. Not quite as bad as a modern game-show score system but not far off. Sex wasn’t just fun, not something done from love or lust alone, but in marriage it had the status of a duty to be performed, and if you failed to please you could face condemnation.
All this led me into thinking as an author I ought to look back a little more into the past and its attitudes to all elements of personal life and relationships.

And while I do that, you can enjoy the fabulous tales in Sexy to Go 9 and the super Sexy to Go Halloween 15.

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Daisy Banks

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