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SometimesssEllas a gal just needs to write a short, sweet, dirty story that gets right to the point. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? I remember when I first began writing novellas the reception was a little frosty. It’s not enough, they’d say. We want more, they’d say. So the few novellas I wrote turned into series. A few years later, I decided that the novellas I wrote didn’t need more. They were what they were. End of story.

And now, the sentiment about short stories seems to have shifted  I don’t know when it happened, but it happened. On more than one occasion I’ve heard readers say that they just don’t have enough time to read a trilogy or a full-length novel and sometimes they just need a “quickie.”

Yay! Because I enjoy writing them.

What are your thoughts? Are you one of the readers or authors who enjoy reading/writing novellas, or do you need more?

It’s no secret that I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump, having put out only one book this year thus far. Yes, ONE. My previous three years I’ve put out at least three novels, plus several novellas by this time of year. And the longer I’ve gone without writing, the harder it’s been to get back into the swing of things. Tennessee Moonshine has been on my to-write-list for nearly a year, and the group of gals in the Southern Comforts Anthology have put off the release date more than once because our lives have just been too busy to get it done. But alas, the time came and in order to fulfill my end of our agreement, I forced myself to step up to the plate.


And so, Tennessee Moonshine has been written. And yes, it’s a novella. As are all the stories in this anthology. Mine is the shortest, clocking in at around 12K words and it’s the shortest novella in my catalog. But still, it packs a punch, conveys what I wanted it to while staying true to me. It was no small feat, either. Just ask my editor. If not for her amazing suggestions, the novella would be sitting at 8.5K and seriously lacking backstory and connection. Anyway, I’m back in the game, I’m writing again, and now my brain is exploding with ideas and dialogue.

Southern Comforts Anthology is due out 10.15.15 and I sincerely hope you all grab a copy and check out the amazing stories within it. I’m so proud of all of us: Gwendolyn Grace, Yara Greathouse, S.C. Hutchinson, myself, and C.C. Wood for staying true to the theme and finally getting this collection of stories out.

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