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Eva2Hello everyone!

So glad to be here today and tell you that Sexy To Go has a Halloween edition boxed set out for $.99. To celebrate, I thought I’d post a little tidbit from a story or two so you can see what we’re offering. Ready? Here we go!

Excerpt: Snowbound by Tara Quan

A naughty frost witch challenges an earth mage to a snowball fight. One of them gets spanked. Find out who!

He yanked her underwear down. The flimsy scrap of cotton caught at the top of her boots. She shimmied her hips, expecting him to take her panties off. Instead, he left them circling her knees, holding her legs together as he hiked up her skirt. “Someone has to stay and keep you out of trouble.”

“I can take care of myse— Hey!” Eyes snapping open as the swat registered, she tried to turn. “What the—?”

He pressed his other hand between her shoulder blades, keeping her in place. Another blow landed, and she found herself curving her back and lifting her ass in invitation. Embarrassment scorched her cheeks at his smug chuckle. Light slaps focused her awareness on her increasingly tender behind, and before she knew it branches had grown out of the magical enclosure, circling her wrists, ankles, and waist.

With her immobile, he removed the hand at her back and reached around her hips. Evidence of her response coated his fingers as he cupped her, betraying her body’s reaction to the unexpected bondage. Grinding the heel of his palm over her clit, he resumed his punishment.

As the dual assault sent her muscles into delicious spasms, shyness prompted her to rasp a weak protest, “Shouldn’t you have asked my permission first?”

“After the crap you’ve put me through? Not really.” He squeezed her burning ass, twisting one cheek until she whimpered. “Besides, I did some recon.” The pain relented for a split second before his hand stung her skin once again, each impact followed by an even harder smack. “You own a lot of interesting reading material.”

She squirmed, both to avoid the biting flicks and increase the pressure on her clit. Bound as she was, her efforts were futile. Her breaths growing shallower with each inhale, she panted. “It’s rude… for you… to snoop.”

“Says the witch who left her eReader unlocked and in plain sight. On purpose.” His flesh continued to meet hers with resounding cracks, while his other palm circled with maddening slowness. “Since those books had an obsession with safe-words, here’s yours: ‘I’m very sorry I overreacted. It won’t happen again. Please forgive me.’”

Moaning as liquid heat pooled between her legs, she glowered at the tree. “That’s three sentences, not a word. And hell will freeze over before—”

Spreading her, he circled a fingertip over her clit. Her hands clenched into fists. Sweat beaded over her forehead as her ass throbbed in response to the intensifying swats. If she weren’t bound, the pleasure would have sent her falling on her hands and knees by the time he finally paused.

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Excerpt: My Monster, My Dom by Eva Lefoy

When Victor’s creation demands a mate, he turns to a renowned explorer for help, ignorant of the famous man’s preference for BDSM. With his assistance, Victor opens up to his submissive side and lets the monster wield control.

Henry pounded his stiff length into Edwam several times until it became obvious Edwam’s pleasure had grown. Just when Victor thought Edwam would surely come, Henry suddenly withdrew. Edwam stuttered out little gasps of agony, his body racked with tremors from his delayed release. Without warning, Henry flogged Edwam once more, this time lower, across the buttocks and the top of his thighs.

The little red marks arcing over the pure white of Edwam’s skin made Victor’s cock leak profusely. The beauty of them heightened by Edwam’s high-pitched cry.

“Now, now. You can’t tell me you don’t like this, Edwam. Shall I prove it?” Henry slid his arm Edwam’s chest and pried him from the wall. His other hand circled Edwam’s long member at the base and slowly moved upward, his fingers passing over each of Edwam’s many piercings embedded in the shaft one by one until he reached the end. “Ah, look here now. What do we have, Edwam?” His fingers played over the shiny hoop protruding from the tip of Edwam’s cock, and glistening liquid coated his hand. “You are enjoying this treatment quite a bit, aren’t you?”

“Yes. God, yes.” Edwam thrust into Henry’s hand, searching for his release. But he was not to have it.

Henry stilled his hand and grabbed Edwam by hair, snapping his head back. “You are not allowed to come, Edwam.”

“Wh-what?” Edwam’s pressing need for release and his confusion were equally palpable.

“You will not come unless I say you can. Do you understand?” The explorer applied even more pressure, demanding Edwam’s compliance.

A swarm of doubt clouded Edwam’s eyes, but he acquiesced. “Yes.”

“Yes, master.  For that is what I am right now. Your master.” Henry stepped back and once more thrust deeply between Edwam’s legs. He then reached around and fondled first Edwam’s pierced nipple, and then his cock. “Remember. You are not allowed to come.”

Edwam’s whimper rang off the walls, and Victor swooned with desire. His cock hung so rigid and full that it thrummed in time with his heartbeat. Unable to stand it any longer, he edged forward.


That’s it for this week’s Masturbation Monday. Happy Monday and don’t forget to visit the other sites to start your week right!