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sssShilohI’ve been so busy with the monthly short story deadlines for Sexy to Go that I’ve barely had time to work on any other projects this year. I’m not complaining. I think Sexy to Go was the kick in the butt I needed to really jumpstart my productivity and recharge my creative batteries after life sucked me dry.

Now that I’m feeling back to my old self I’m beginning to revisit old WIPs I’ve left unfinished for far too long. I’m also getting new ideas. One idea that is now taking shape is a two novella series. The series is titled Tortured Soul.

Here is the cover reveal for book 1. I still need to get the series name added. Oops.


This is a top secret project, so I don’t even have a smutty excerpt for you. Sorry. Maybe next time… I will tell you a bit about the story, though.

It takes place in the South during Reconstruction. Thomas is the tortured soul. He hates his family, hates himself, and wishes for death until Oliver rescues him. Oliver gives Thomas what he needs — a firm hand and his hard cock. With his help, Thomas learns to love himself again and his new master.

Yes, this story has mild BDSM. I vowed never to write another MM historical BDSM story after starting the Role Reversal serial…but the characters begged for it! I have to give the characters what they need, right? I guess I learned my lesson about saying never when it comes to writing a story. The author isn’t in charge. The characters are. I’m just lucky they haven’t tied me up yet.