Firsts are always an interesting experience. Sometimes they are mind expanding; sometimes they help you grow as a person and as a reader and writer. Here I’ve listed some first times:
First love-prettily passionate and full of romance.
First marriage-see above and below, because we aren’t all lucky.
First divorce-pretty doesn’t always last.
First completed book-an act of achievement.
First publishing contract-Wow!! And spin.
First fans-Need to sit down and absorb the magic.
First 5 *-Wow!
First-2nd contract- OMG!
First-Fan letter-I wept.
There are lots more firsts I could list, but your coffee break is short and you might not have time to read more, so to finish this little post I offer a snippet from Sexy to Go Halloween 15 and my story Charity’s Fortune. Enjoy, and remember the firsts only stop if you let them.


“I want to kiss you, Charity. I need to kiss you, to touch you.”
Her breath lodged in her chest until finally she could splutter it out. “My Ma would lose her mind if she knew you just said those things.”
Joe grinned. “Surely, but who’s gonna tell her? I certainly ain’t, not till you and me are wed at least. You gonna tell her?” The amusement in his eyes settled. “You afraid of me?”
She glanced up to the moon lounging in a thicket of lumpy clouds, the stars kind of peeking out as and where they could and the dark silhouettes of the trees she and Joe walked toward. “I’m not sure.”
Joe dropped down onto one knee and still held her hand, just like in the story books. The laughter didn’t shine from his eyes but something better did. She’d lose herself in his eyes forever if he was to look at her that way.
“I swear to you, like a knight in them old story books you read, I will love you, Charity Burbage, I will honor you, protect you and keep myself only for you. I will be your man in every way I can think of.”
The cold air around them seemed to shimmer with his words and tears stung her eyes.
“I promise on the salvation of my soul I will never hurt you,” he said. “Or see you weep without comfort. I want to marry you and to have you as my bride.”
“Yes, Joe. I’ll marry you.”
He rose and squeezed her hand tight. “I thought you’d say that,” he said. “But I ain’t teasing. I want you.”
“Kiss me, Joe Anderson,” she whispered. “Kiss me until moonset.”
“I’m gonna kiss you everywhere I can.”
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