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Hjocelyn dex, paranormal romanceappy Friday!

I had a crazy dream Wednesday night. I was part of the Walking Dead gang, but it wasn’t a TV show in my dream. It was real. And it was freaky. And fun.

The fun part was just hanging out with the whole gang during quiet times like when I was sitting on a couch with Rick, Daryl, and Carol chatting it up.

The freaky part was when Daryl, Carol, and I were running down a long, dark hallway with a shitload of walkers behind us.

walkingdeadposterI was a total wuss and was running crazy fast ahead of Daryl and Carol. All the sudden Daryl yelled at me to “Wait! Stop!”

As I rounded the corner, there was a shotgun blast and it hit me in the left shoulder. I went down and bled all over the place while the asshole who shot me watched.

That’s about all I remember. How lame is that? I get to be a part of the gang and I’m a wuss and get shot.

Dammit! I want a do over!

Anyway, if you’re a fan of zombies, my story in Sexy to Go, Volume 10 has a zombie in it. And yes, there is zombie sex. 🙂 Coming soon – end of October.

Have a great weekend!