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Eva2It was a very lazy weekend, partially because it was grey and cloudy skies and threatened rain. During a sun break on Saturday, I did go for a short run, but other than that, it was the perfect weekend to snooze, drink tea and read.

I just started reading Love Garage by Liz Crowe. I really like it so far. The other book I’ve been reading is Tristan by Joni Hahn though it’s a long one for me and I haven’t finished it yet. As ya’ll know I like to keep it short and sweet. Or, um, hot!

Speaking of short and hot we have 2 volumes of Sexy to Go available right now: Volume 9 and the Halloween edition. If you’ve already read them – don’t worry! – Volume 10 will be out in a few more days! I went back to my billionaire series with Volume 10 and wrote about a famous young actor and his model look-alike love interest. The story is set in the luxurious town of Mykonos, Greece and will continue in Volume 11. Here’s a snippet of the story:

The Billionaire Deceptiongirl bw

Austin crushed his mouth to Vickie’s and felt her body soften underneath his. For the first time in many months, he could almost believe she wanted him. That he’d cracked the code of her icy armor and finally reached the vulnerable woman within her shiny crystalline façade. The glory of his victory spurred him on. He kissed her harder, taking what was once his in a surprising show of force. He wasn’t used to Vickie letting him have his way with her, but if she was willing, he’d take more. Anything to satisfy the ache her body drove into him. When her fingernails dug into his shoulders and she wept out a trembling moan, he at last released her. Though his cock demanded he take her straight to bed, he nevertheless paused, wanting to savor his victory. Vickie had finally surrendered her desire to him. She was his.

He peered down at her face and saw … glasses. He pulled back to get a better view. Big round librarian ones sitting right on her nose. He’d never seen them on her before, but discounted them as a passing fashion fancy. Who knew what reasons models had for what they wore? It was all nonsense to him. Like he’d told her during their last – and final, if Vickie had her way – argument, he wanted a wife, not arm candy. He wanted a woman to love, who’d love him back. Give him children. Be a mother to their kids. But she’d said no. A flash of anger heated his veins. She’d said no so vehemently he’d never forget it. Yet here she was now, playing right into his hands. Did she realize how much she meant to him?

Controlling his whirlwind emotions, he studied the long lashes fanning over her cheeks, the pert end of her nose and her wide, luscious mouth. On the right outer corner sat a mole he’d never noticed before. He touched it with his finger, but it didn’t rub off. He stared at it, puzzled. Strange…

Vickie’s lids fluttered and she sighed happily, making no move to escape. Rather, she rubbed herself against him, causing his erection to stir. Another two seconds and he’d take her right there on her living room floor, but part of him wanted the satisfaction of seeing her submission in her eyes. Coaxing her from her stupor, he lowered his lips to the graceful curve of her long neck and pressed a kiss. “Vickie,” he murmured. His mouth passed over her skin, exploring, and traced over a scar. Shocked, he lifted his head. Vickie didn’t have a scar there.

“Austin Walker.” She said his name dreamily, as if in wonder, her fingers lightly caressing his shoulders as if memorizing them. Finally her eyes opened, revealing irises the wrong shade of blue. This wasn’t Vickie at all. He’d just kissed the wrong woman.

Or had he?

– – – – – – – – – – –

Stay tuned for more on this story.

And happy Monday!