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It is wonderful to be back on Silken Sheets.

I’ve carved my pumpkins and decided on my Halloween costume. I guess I’m ready for the weekend! Are you looking for a good ghost story? The radio station I listen to has been featuring ghost stories in between the music. Some of the stories give me goosebumps.

It is time to dive into the vampire, zombie, shifter, witches, and ghost stories on your TBR list! Are you looking for another one? I have a book for you … well actually two!

Pretty Caged Bird

Get 2 books in 1!

For your reading convenience, this book combines Pretty Bird (Haunted Hotel, Prequel) and Caged Bird (Haunted Hotel, book 1) into one volume. This book is suitable for readers 18+. 

Pretty Bird is a historical western with romantic elements. Is lust blooming in Butte, Montana, love, or witchcraft? Will the residents of the Bird Cage brothel figure it out before it is too late? 

Amanda agrees to a surprise vacation in order to salvage her failing relationship, but her dream fades when she discovers her ghost-hunting boyfriend has booked them into a haunted former brothel in Butte, Montana. To her surprise, the ghost of the former brothel owner takes a liking to her – in more ways than one. When Amanda and her boyfriend break up, she finds new passion with the ghostly lover. But her ex isn’t done ghost-hunting yet and Amanda must foil his plans to get rich quick before it’s too late and the love of her life vanishes forever.

Joel Rankin has been trapped in the Caged Bird since his ex-fiancé cursed him in 1880. Only the power of love can save him. When Amanda enters his establishment he is drawn her. The brunette with the beautiful curves is his type, but is she merely a ghost hunter like the man she is with or is she the one he has been waiting for?

Here is a steamy excerpt from Caged Bird

 I craved his gentle and yet demanding touch. He was all masculine but not intimidating. Joel gave me things I didn’t even know I was missing with Gabe. He made me feel treasured, protected, and aware of my feminine power.

Gabe usually put himself first. He’d made me kill the spiders in our house and we fought over who would mow the lawn. He wasn’t the strong man I craved in my life. I didn’t know an alpha personality would ever want me. The bad boys seemed to have their pick of women, and I wasn’t the cream of the crop.

Joel was perfect. And he wanted me. Said I was beautiful. If only he wasn’t a ghost.

He lay beside me, his chest heaving. While ghosts might not have to recover, it did appear they needed rest. His eyes started to droop. What it would be like to sleep next to the handsome apparition? Would he disappear?

Suddenly all fatigue faded from his face, and he sat bolt upright. “I hear footsteps. Someone is coming.”

“We’re in a hotel. People go up and down the hallway all the time,” I murmured, reaching for him. There was no reason for him to go.

He stood and pulled on his trousers. I had almost forgotten he was an apparition in the midst of our very real lovemaking. When I saw his old-timey clothes it hit me like a freight train. I just had sex with a ghost.

“Better than with your ex, huh?”

“Yes.” After the heart palpitating ride with Joel, it felt good to call Gabe my ex. I deserved better than him. Much better. Mr. Rankin was more exhilarating than the Thunder Mountain rollercoaster.

I saw myself in the reflection of the mirror on the wall. Hair tussled and with a satisfied glow I looked happier than I ever had post-sex with Gabe. Joel satisfied me more than any man I’d ever been with. Granted, I hadn’t been with that many.

Joel chuckled. “I do have the ability to read your thoughts you know,” he warned in a playful voice. “You’re doing wonders for my pride.”

I groaned and threw the extra pillow at him.

I heard Gabe’s voice outside the door mumbling something about unable to procure Internet in the hotel. There was a soft knock at the door. “Amanda?”

I dove under the covers, and Joel began to fade.

My heart ached seeing him go. Gabe would notice my post sex haze. How was I going to explain that? Panic struck. “I need my vibrator,” I mouthed, heart surging in my chest.

What is that? Joel’s voice floated on the air. He was gone from my sight, but still in the room with me.

Remembering he could read my mind I thought my next directions not wanting to risk Gabe hearing me talk to myself. It is in my luggage. It looks like a pink cock.

Seriously? Joel cackled so loud I was afraid Gabe would hear from the other side of the door.

My suitcase clicked open and my clothing was gently pushed aside until my vibrator was revealed hidden at the bottom. Suddenly the pink cock hovered in the air, floating toward me.

The door opened and the dildo dropped on the bed within my reach. I quickly grabbed it. Thank you.

You won’t have need of that when I’m around.

And you’re going to stay around?

I’m not going anywhere, honey.

Of course, he wasn’t. Joel was stuck in the hotel.

Buy links:
Amazon: http://mybook.to/PrettyCagedBird 

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/571872  

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-prettycagedbirdhauntedhotelprequelandbook1-1913877-140.html 

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