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Rachel KenleyOne thing I deeply believe is that pleasure has purpose.  We frequently write-off (no pun intended, since I’m an author) pleasure as something to be delayed, something to come later, something nice but not vital.

I disagree.

Pleasure should be part of your life every day, and it can be if… you take the time to notice it. So, where do you find pleasure?  This is part of my list:oooh

  1. Broadway soundtracks – The desire to be a Broadway star was my first big career dream. I grew up less than an hour from NYC and saw my first musical at ten (Pacific Overtures).  I have been singing show tunes since I was three (FUN NOTE: My parents had to stop playing the record to Hair  when I was that age because I started to sing the second/third (depends on the recording) song – you look it up, I’m not going to tell you, but I’ll give you a hint.  It’s no wonder I write what I do).  I gave up the dream when I realized I didn’t have the passionate commitment needed for long term success, but to this day I sing those songs in the car, around the house, and when I need to change my mood.  My sons are very supportive – they even sing along on occasion. Do you sing?  Or dance?
  2. red satin comforterMy satin comforter –As cliché as it might be for a romance writer, I really do have a satin comforter on my bed. Okay, yes, it’s red.  But it’s SO soft.  It feels so luxurious and I start relaxing the moment I’m under it. In the living room I also have lots of those soft fur-like blankets to snuggle under when I’m watching television.  Tactile pleasures are wonderful. What do you love to feel?
  3. Candles ­– Yes, I know lots of you enjoy candles, but do you choose and then light them with intention and focus? Taking the time to enjoy the scent, the flicker of light, the choice you made.  I usually like cinnamon based scents, but every now and then I want something fresh like apples, or crisp like oranges and other citrus fruits.  The scent of sandalwood helps me write love scenes. Think of your favorite scents.  Can you bring them into your daily life?
  4. oceanThe ocean – I was born in a landlocked state (Colorado) but left when I was fourteen months old. I grew up in New Jersey not far from the shore, and I can go to the beach at any time of year and enjoy myself.  The cold and the damp winds of winter, the hot sand and smell of salt in the air during the summer.  And if there’s a boardwalk of some kind – and skeeball – so much the better.  The sound of the waves calms me and I dream of having a house near the ocean one day.  Where are you always happy?
  5. Sushi –  There are so many foods I could choose that give me pleasure – chocolate, my morning coffee, breakfast at a diner (at any time of day), but there is something about being able to have sushi (almost) whenever I want, that makes me so happy.  Sushi was a new thing when I was young and there were very few places to buy it.  In college, it was “cool” to like sushi and go out for it on the weekends.  Now most of my local grocery stores have sushi chefs and fresh sushi is available all the time. Is there a food that you long for?  One where the first bite makes you sigh out loud.

When you notice, there’s pleasure to be found everywhere and every day and once you start noticing – you’ll discover more and more. And watch how joy grows.

email me2If you’re interested in finding new ways to bring pleasure into your life, email me at rachelkenley@gmail.com and I’ll send you a free download of a one month pleasure journal to help you increase the pleasure in your life!