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sssLeighIt’s interesting how ideas come to writers. A few months ago I was working on a story that would be part of a short series I have with a publisher. I struggled with it, I just couldn’t get the pairing right. You know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to write a romantic scene and the people you want to get together seem like they don’t want to be there at all? I was getting that vibe from the story, so I shelved it and moved on to something else.

A while later, I receive a note from ARe Books wanting to know if I’d be interested in contributing again to one of their multi-author collections. I have two stories with ARe Books: Odd with the Perfect Strangers series and The Sweetest Dare from the Out For You line. As with other collections, the upcoming Bound To Be Naughty series had a theme of kink. With the deadline fast approaching I had to have something in soon.

TouchofClass_200X300-72dpiI keep a few “will finishes” in a folder, stories that stalled for one reason or another. After browsing what I had I came upon my earlier attempt for my Class in Session series. I hadn’t intended for it to include kink, but as I outlined the story and integrated the BDSM I found what was missing. I tend to work slowly, but as I stitched together Touch of Class it all came together. A woman interested in submission meets a Dom with a lively personality, and profession, and while they enjoy their time together there are obstacles. It’s a story about having your kink and your career.

Pre-orders for Touch of Class go up next week. Release day is December 1. Also included in the Bound To Be Naughty collection are Bridget Midway, Erzabet Bishop, Jaymie Holland, Angelique Voisen, JR Gray, Roz Lee, Sean Michael, and Cleo Peitsche. So I’m in pretty good company.

After this… who knows what 2016 will bring?