This isn’t the post I intended for today. But I am so blooming chuffed I managed to get this short story finished I decided to treat you to a little snippet from The Weatherman Part 3. This story will be part of the Sexy to Go Volume 11 collection. At present this is in the process of edits so forgive any bloopers.

Claire took another sip of tea. “You’d best show me the surprise.”
“Not yet. I want you to finish your tea, go upstairs and unpack. Get comfortable. When you come back down I just want heels, stockings and…”He pulled the top of her blouse so he could peek inside. “Oh, nice. You in your silver gray underwear.”
She smiled and couldn’t help it as the desire flamed in her body. “If silver gray silkies is what you want, then that’s fine. See you in about half an hour.”
“You are an angel. One whom I should worship.”
“No, Jack. I haven’t planned it out so you can’t swap now.”
A line appeared on his forehead. “What?”
“You wanted to top. You told me so.”
“Yes, my darling, I do and I will.” He ran a hand gently over her breast and down to her waist. “I wasn’t talking about that.”
She reached up and drew his face closer so she could kiss him. Hungry for another taste of him she rolled her tongue with his and when he took her in his arms rubbed her breasts against his chest. Her breathing rate hiked up another level as Jack lifted his head. His gaze caressed her.
“You sure you can wait?” he asked.
Damn it, after two months without him, she wasn’t sure. She wanted him right now. No teasing, no extended preamble, only an immediate gratification of the lust simmering inside her. But he’d want her to show some self control. “I’ll wait.”
Jack nuzzled her ear. “Good. I promise it will be worth it.”
An electric snap shot through her. “I’ll go up and unpack. You might end up with blue silkies rather than the gray.”
“Why? I like the gray.”
“They’re wet.”
He ran his hand up her skirt, caressed the outside of her thigh above her stockings and she caught her breath. She closed her eyes as he stroked slowly over the sodden strip of fabric between her legs.
“Fuck waiting. Let’s take the edge off.” He hoisted her up, turned and set her face down over the lower counter that topped his largest wine rack.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and many thanks to you for reading.

Daisy Banks.

You can read the first two sections of The Weatherman in the Sexy to Go sets 9 and 10. Get them here.