sssLeighOkay, how did I end up with a post on a holiday? I could swear this happened here last year, if not on Thanksgiving then maybe Christmas. Truth be told, I’m too tired to search the site to find out. The last half of Thanksgiving week typically involves me reading if I’m not catching up on sleep.

Well, if you are celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving! This is a time I spend with family and think of those I don’t get to see. I imagine it’s the same for many people. This year, as always, I’m thankful for my health and for having more than I realize. It’s just a matter of appreciating the little things more.

I’m thankful to have one last release for 2015 coming. Touch of Class is due in December (Buy: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ ITUNESand on December 2 I’ll be at the big Facebook launch party for all the Bound To Be Naughty stories.

ARe is giving away a $50 GC for the launch, and a $25 GC to Sephora at the party! Hope to see you there and check me out on twitter @leighellwood for Black Friday and Cyber Monday eBook deals.