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Rachel KenleyHere we are in the last month of the year — ALREADY!  I have *no* idea how that happened?  Do you?  With Thanksgiving, in the United States, just past and more holidays coming up (or started if you celebrate Hanukkah) gratitude has been on my mind.

I’m grateful for —

  1. Writing-GroupAll the writers in my life.  From our community here at Silken Sheets and Seductions to my Thursday night writers group, I would have either quit or gone mad (or both) a long time ago without my writer friends.  I’m on the board of Broad Universe, a member of RWA and the International Women’s Writer’s Guild and every conference, email, coffee clatch makes it possible to keep going on the days (weeks!) when things get tough
  2. Technology.  The thought of editing on paper, using carbon and white out and other older methods of writing gives me the shivers.  I cannot imagine doing all I do without the Ctrl-S, delete, and find/replace functions on my computer.  From internet research to Evernote, to Schriveners… thank you thank you thank you.  I am so glad to live in the age of information.ipg
  3. Independent and Small Publishers.  Yes, many of us dream of a big New York publishing house contract, but those are so rare and so many great books would never find the readers they deserve if it weren’t for Independent and small publishers.  My current publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books, is so supportive of my work and ideas and responsive in a way a big house cannot be.  I am grateful for the chances these publishers take on our books and thrilled to see more and more authors making the best seller lists with these publishers.
  4. coffee and chocolateCoffee and chocolate.  Does this go without saying? Perhaps, but what I want to add last is that I am grateful for the comforts I have in my life.  I have a dedicated space of my own in my home as well as an artist studio in the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts.  I am so very lucky to have resources and support to be a writer.  It is not something everyone has or something I take for granted.

I hope you are finding lots of reasons to be grateful for all you have in your life and I look forward to hearing from you!