Its been a week of walking and edits.

I can’t actually believe what weather we’ve had in the last few weeks. We had the ugliest of summer’s, but the long, warm days of autumn have gently smoothed into the mildest winter ever.

I’m English. We’re obsessed with the weather. But, quite frankly, the weather is so important to me, I have chickens, and wading in mud isn’t much fun. My gorgeous kitties stay indoors on wet days and sunbathe on the patio when the sun shines. More importantly though, I like to walk. It’s often far more pleasant on warm days, but I still get out with Skye, my Dalmatian and Beau my black Labrador every single day. The weather is irrelevant when dogs have to be walked.

I love it, really. It blows away the cobwebs, refreshes my mind in between writing jags and it’s a great way to let more ideas flow. In fact my latest manuscript starts with a woman walking her dog and progresses to murder – a story I started to concoct in the darkness of a local woodland when I realised I was being watched. By Fallow deer.

The beauty of the English countryside always soothes me, but as much as anything, it inspires me. What better companions than these two?