Eva2Oh man. I can’t believe what fun characters we have in the Sexy to Go Christmas edition. I know, I brought my Yeti back – with changes – but added to that are a shapeshifting reindeer, a spanking Santa, zombies, a cowboy and a mysterious dream lover. There are 13 stories in all, and they make for a fun read!

If you’ve been following this crazy monthly-erotic-romance-anthology happening you would soon figure out we are in month #12. Yes, there will be a Sexy to Go Volume 12 after the Christmas edition. It will be our last edition for 2015.


Then, in 2016 we plan fewer, but more focused editions around certain themes. You’ll see new boxed sets with the following subjects:

Valentine’s Day
New Years Edition

So stay tuned, you loyal Sexy to Go fans, there will be more coming, just half the # of books as last year. Maybe that way we can all stay caught up on our reading! 🙂

The last book I read – after binge watching The Vampire Diaries – is Notorious Nineteen, a Janet Evanovich novel. Man, did I need to get caught up with my reading! She even has book # twenty out in that series. Gah!

And then I went right back to The Vampire Diaries, until I got tired of of the plot and just ogled the man-candy. Mmmm. Man candy.

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