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This is my last post with you before Christmas and I simply had to offer you a little snippet from my story in the fabulous Sexy to Go Christmas Boxed set.

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Santa’s Christmas Present.

Blurb: Honesty is its own reward or so it is said. Vivian discovers sharing her secret need with Santa brings the kind of glow she’s always dreamed of, and Santa finds a gift he didn’t know he wanted.

Do enjoy this excerpt.

“I knew I had seen you somewhere before. It must have been on the campus. I’m studying photography. This will be my last year, so hopefully this Christmas is my one and only time as Santa.” I wanted her to know I’d not chosen this as a career move.
“Shame, I’ve seen you with the kit on” She let her gaze linger in an interesting way. “The wig and the suit look good on you. I think you’re a perfect Santa.”
Why the hell had I stripped the things off. At that minute I would have swapped the week’s wage to be wearing the suit. “You’re into Santa?” I cringed as soon as I said it.
“Oh, yes. I just love the red velvet and the naughty or nice list.” She studied me for a second or two. The pink tip of her tongue flicked over her lower lip. “I think I’d probably be top of your naughty list this year, Santa.”
I inhaled part of my bite of pastrami roll. I sat there with a swelling fast hard-on and spluttered like an idiot.
Vivian raced over to thump my back. “Breathe, Santa.”
I did and caught the gleam in her eyes as she bent down to look at me. I coughed again, finally clearing the last of the pastrami. “I swear to God you must be the naughtiest elf ever. You nearly choked Santa.”
She closed her eyes for a second and the sequins on her tunic shimmered as she took a quick breath.
I guessed she’d either let the idea roll on, or I’d be sacked for making inappropriate comments to an elf. Damn inappropriate, I’d love to be fired for pure salacious suggestions if nothing else. But first I needed to get back into the suit and see how things turned around. “You sit over there, young elf, while I decide what to do with you.”

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas to one and all.

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Daisy Banks.