sssSorchaIt’s almost Christmas so I wanted to stop and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hauhnaka, Happy Kwanza, or Happy Holidays. If I missed one…well, you know what I meant.

I am personally looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family. This was the year that my world really changed. I experienced my first major family loss. yes my grandparents have passed, but this year so did my father. That was the first big one for me. I’m still processing, and while I look forward to the holidays, I am also kind of not. I mean, it’s the first year I won’t get to call my dad and wish him Merry Christmas. It’s the first year I won’t get a gift from him in January or even February. Ha! One year it came in March…but he was my dad. It didn’t matter.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get maudlin. The point is, despite all the odds I am still looking forward to the holiday. I still have my husband, my mom, and even my step-mom in my life. So while he will be missed, I have people to remember him with. And ultimately I have love in my life. So, I wish you all a happy holiday and urge you to take a moment and tell the ones you love that you DO love them.