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Eva2Oh my word. Has it been a fun year for everyone? For a lot of folks it’s been difficult at times and terrific at fewer times, but still, we had some times didn’t we!!

I enjoyed hiking and putting out the Sexy to Go monthly volumes. I had a couple of M/M book releases. I bought some cover art. I hung around with good friends. All this is great stuff but 2015 was also a stressful year in many ways both personally and professionally.

I know I’m not alone when I say that the publishing world is getting tougher and tougher to succeed in. What to do? Do we all hang in there and wait to see if things turn around or do we quit now and cut our losses?

For me, it’s really a question of how much time I have in a day and where I want to use those hours. I feel like I’ve literally spent 30-40 hours a week on the publishing side of things for the past couple of years on top of a full time job. Now, it’s time to slow down and take a breather.

Will I quit writing forever? Not likely. But I’ve got a lot of projects lined up around the home, friends and family I need to help take care of, and more travel for my job to keep me busier than ever. Those extra 30-40 hours a week are dwindling fast!

So while I shall pop in from time to time, I won’t be here quite as often. You can still catch me on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest though, talking about books and cooking and sexy men and other stuff! So come see me and as always, happy reading!!





EXCERPT: Steal my Heart – part of Sexy to Go, Volume 12

“Turn around.”

She flashed him a shy, perhaps guilty look and spun away from him, holding up her blonde hair. When he clasped the jewelry on the first thing he wanted to see was how it looked against her honey colored skin, sparkling above her bare breasts. He bet it would make her even more gorgeous, his little thief adorned with his former wife’s icicles. They might even melt against her chest. “Let me see you,” he growled, unable to keep the desire from his command.

She turned and smiled, her hands molding her breasts, cupping them as she gyrated her hips in a wanton display. Good God, she was lovely. “Do you like them?”

She nodded.

“They’re yours.”

She flew into his arms, backing him against a barrel, which luckily was full. “Thank you.” Then she swept her mouth under his, connecting their lips. She moaned into the kiss and the sound vibrated through him, hardening him even more. His cock bobbed between them and it was all he could not to beg her to suck it. He grunted, guiding her svelte body closer.

Tiffany strained against him, rubbing her pussy against his shaft, creating an ache he felt all the way to his toes. Pulling her breasts to his chest, her hard nipples abraded his skin and he forgot all about the wine. “Tiffany,” he murmured, lifting her up so that her wet pussy slid to the top of him, moisture meeting moisture.

“John.” It was the first time she’d said his name and his cock leaked eagerly at the sound of it on her lips. He wanted her to say it over and over and over.

“Ride me, baby. Right here. Right now.” Leaning back, he groaned as she eased onto his length. Standing here in his wine cellar, with Tiffany on top of him, he felt decadent, like Santa on Christmas Eve. At her small cry he curled his fingers into her hair and draped her back, arching her torso over his arm. He watched her tits bounce, the diamonds glittering between them a fitting ornament for her perfect curves but in no way stealing the show.

SEXY TO GO VOLUME 12 will be out soon! Until then, happy reading!STG12Cover_Flat