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I’ve got a confession to make…

* whispers * I only just watched Love Actually.

Love Actually poster

Yes, I know it came out in 2003. Yes, I know it’s a Richard Curtis classic. Yes, I LOVE Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, and About A Boy, and I ADORE most of the cast of Love Actually (especially Rodrigo Santoro).

Rodrigo Santoro

Rodrigo Santoro


So why did it take me so long? I tried to watch it once before, probably around 2005, but for some reason, I didn’t get it. I thought it was over-complex, with too many storylines running at once, and I think I abandoned it around half way through. Maybe I just needed a less complicated film on that day.


Anyway, I decided to give it another go this Christmas, and wow. I’M AN IDIOT!!! It’s a fabulous movie, full of humour, and angst, a couple of teary moments, and some supremely feelgood chills. The scene where Andrew Lincoln professes his adoration of Keira Knightly was movie-perfection. Also to watch Hugh Grant shimmying all around 10 Downing Street to the sounds of The Pointer Sisters. Awesome!



So what has this got to do with BuzzFeed or astrology? Sometimes, the staffers at BuzzFeed excel themselves. Check out this cool little quiz, based on your sign of the zodiac, to see which kind of turtleneck from Love Actually you should wear * grin *






P.S. I got Mia’s black turtleneck of seduction 🙂



So whether, like me, you decide to watch an old film, or read an old book, have fun and chill out. You deserve it 🙂


Happy New Year