I know you probably expected the next installment of A Kiss in the Dark, but I didn’t have time to edit it, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a healthy, peaceful, and happy 2016.

You’ve probably heard all this before. I know I have, but it bears repeating.

Make the most of each day. Each moment. Time doesn’t go back, and regret is the worst thing to carry through life.

Oh, and have sex–assuming you enjoy it, which I guess you probably do, to be following this blog. Have sex, and make it all about fun. Taste. Feel. Smell. Absorb each other’s energy.

Learn from the people around you. Be quick to laugh and don’t hold grudges. They give you wrinkles. Which aren’t always a bad thing, so if you need to hold a grudge, do so, but in style.

I could never pull off that hairdo, damn it.

I could never pull off that hairdo, damn it.

Teach your kids respect by showing it to them. Love your bodies. Love your minds. Don’t punish yourselves too hard, and reward them for the little things you take for granted.


I have to keep reminding myself to do so, but it’s so worth it when I do.

I’m feeling wise tonight, which might mean I’m having a stroke, so I’ll stop here.

Have a year full of hope. Hugs, and I’ll see you in two weeks with a new chapter of A Kiss in the Dark!