My best wishes to you for a happy New Year.

This is the time of year when people are encouraged to make or try to stick to resolutions for all kinds of things; give up smoking, lose weight, be more positive, chase the dream a bit harder, drink less alcohol, exercisemore, meet the deadlines with a smile, etc.

Yes, I picked all those above because over time I have tried each of those resolutions and made the attempt. Hand on heart I can say, being a creature of many vices, I failed the lot. Some I failed slowly. I let the old ways weave their spell and win. Others, I crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. The drink less one got splattered by a celebration of something important. I found I just didn’t feel right toasting the health and happiness of people I love in tonic water. I mean what is one gin or three a week between friends?

This year I have made no resolutions, not a single one, and I feel rather pleased about it. I’m keeping my powder dry to make a firm and focussed attempt to do something different in my life and I won’t try to make it happen until the winter months here are done. By the time I make the effort I will have prepared mentally for it, have visited all the pros and cons, and be serious in my attempt. My apologies if I have caught your interest but the other thing I am doing is keeping my goal a secret.

If you have a resolution you are trying to achieve I do wish you well and I hope you succeed.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks