I know. Amazing. This panster plotted her last book, Under The Full Blooded Moon, and is in the process of plotting the second book in her Montgomery’s Sin series, If Love Had Wings.

In all honesty all the books I’ve written to date have been fully formed in my head before I’ve even started to write them, but no, I have never physically plotted a book. Until recently. Certainly with Under the Full Blooded Moon, the storyline was far more complex than I’ve written before so it needed me to keep the plot on the straight and narrow.

The plotting though, I have to admit, was minimal. I had character sheets and more of a time-line than a plot. I knew exactly where my story was going, I always do, but I’m trying to persuade myself to document that line of thought instead of keeping it in my head.

I know I’m a panster and I really am trying to get this plotting thing in order, but you see I have a system. I write in the mornings, and I’m really strict about that. I rise with the sun. I do my domestic chores, see to the chickens, the cats, the dogs, the humans (in that order) stick washing in the machine and then I write. I break at lunchtime (around 1.00pm), then take the dogs for a long walk – a couple of hours. This is my plotting time. Normally by the time I get back home I have the next scene formulated in my mind. In the evening, I edit.

As a new writer, it’s easy to be a panster. You write a book. Great. But I have noticed as I write longer books and have several series going, when I add to that series, I really need to know what’s going on with my characters.

Recently, I wrote a prequel to my Atlantic Divide Series (which is currently being critiqued before I send it to my publishers) and I wrote a final scene where my gorgeous Mac from Book 3, Finding Zoe appeared. Lucky for me, I realised in time that I couldn’t possibly have him in that scene because Kate and Lydia’s brother was also there, and they don’t meet each other until Book 2, Bad Girl Bill.  Whew, good catch…

So, this is why this panster is about to become a plotter. I hope.