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Eva2Happy 90th anniversary of the first demonstration of television!

Remember the TV show The Simpsons? There’s one where Homer’s boss is trying to do away with some of the health benefits, and Homer is having a moment where he’s trying to piece together two conflicting thoughts. Lenny keeps saying, “Dental plan!” and in response, Homer’s brain is trying to remind him that: “Lisa needs braces!” It goes on like this for a few frames:

Eventually, the light goes on in Homer’s head. He puts two and two together and sees that he can’t vote to get rid of the dental plan because Lisa needs braces!

Well, I’ve been having my own Homer moment tonight. I was on Triberr and I kept seeing posts about Masturbation Monday. Hmmm… Masturbation Monday. It must be Monday, I thought. Monday. Yep.

In the back of my mind something kept nagging at me. Monday. Blog post. Monday, blog post. Eventually it all clicked into place!

So here I am bringing you a belated Masturbation Monday. Enjoy!

Today’s Masturbation Monday feature is from a story in Sexy to Go, volume #1 – now FREE on Amazon! Woot!

“All right. That’s enough you two.”

Both of them lifted their heads to see Liam standing by their feet, his straining erection pulsing toward them. From the straight tight line of his lips, he appeared tense and unsatisfied. He motioned toward them as though out of patience and Casi fought the urge to grin. “You’ve had your girl fun. Now let me give you what you really want.”

Dahlia flashed him a teasing smile. “I think we made him jealous, don’t you?”

“Mm hm.” Casi nodded. She felt languid as a cat laying in the midday sun. Reticent to move, she remained in Dahlia’s arms. Beside her, Dahlia purred.

Liam pointed at his cock. “This is what you need right here. Come here, woman.”

“He’s an alpha, you know. Always insists on getting his way.” Dahlia fluttered her eyelashes flirtatiously then moved, sitting up and crawling toward Liam on all fours. When she reached him, Liam spun her around so that her ass faced him. Dahlia winked at her, as though sharing a secret.

Perhaps the woman knew exactly what she was doing, as seconds later, Liam thrust his cock deep inside. No more waiting, no more begging. Dahlia had finally driven him to the edge of his control, and Casi had the feeling she’d done it on purpose.

Well, being her temptress’s partner had been just fine. Hell, watching Liam ride her hard and fast, knowing Dahlia was getting exactly what she wanted was almost as fulfilling as their sex had been. But on the next thrust, Liam stopped and pulled out.

He pointed at her. “You. Come here, too.” He pointed at the ground next to Dahlia.

Oh. My. Word. Does he mean what I think he means? According to his expression he wasn’t kidding, nor would he suffer her refusal. But seeing his full length, slick with Dahlia’s juices, her pussy clenched. Refusing him was farthest from her mind. And if Liam was in the mood to finally deliver satisfaction, she had half a mind to take some. She sent a querying look to Dahlia. Did the woman assent to sharing or would she rather keep Liam to herself? Because if Dahlia wasn’t okay with it, she’d never agree regardless of what Liam demanded. She didn’t relish the idea of walking away, but she would.

Dahlia sent her a mischievous, knowing smile leaving Casi no doubt she approved. In fact, she’d probably set this up herself.

After making love with Dahlia, the opportunity to share another experience with her was too good to pass up. Casi turned around on all fours until she was shoulder to shoulder with Dahlia. When Liam’s punishing rod entered, she gasped in shock from the size. It had been a long time since she’d had something that big and rough inside.

Liam grunted in approval and began his rhythm again. In less than ten seconds, he was gone. Moved back to Dahlia. Then, just as she moaned, Liam moved back to her. For several minutes the forest silence was broken by all of their sounds in turn, a trio of unique expressions borne from deep within.

Casi had never imagined this scenario playing out. Initially, she’d have been happy with the memory of watching them make love, but this was so much better. Side by side with Dahlia on the ground, eagerly sharing the same man. Driving Liam to the edge of his control had been worth it.

Liam surged into Dahlia, burying himself deep and held. His fingers dug into her hips, pulling her close as he swiveled his hips, dancing his cock inside of her. Then he reached one hand to coil in her long dark hair and pulled her face toward the sky.

Liam’s name ripped from her lips as she tilted her pelvis back and her fingers dug into the soil. The release Casi had given her seemed quiet in comparison. This one shook the forest and could probably be heard for miles. Hearing it made her wet.

With her own juices flowing, she had no choice but to touch herself.