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sssShilohI have recently gotten the rights back to my first GLBT novella Saltwater Lover. Now I am in the middle of re-editing it before I release the second edition. Unfortunately, I’m finding re-editing harder than I expected. Why? Many of the reviews of Saltwater Lover conflicted with my story vision. The readers wanted something else than I did as the author. This poses quite a challenge!

In fiction, but romance especially, I like to enter a fantasy world. Not everything is true to life. Not everything on TV or in the movies is true to life either. When I am reading a romance I know that the book will end with an HEA (or at least HFN) and that is one reason why I choose to read in that genre.

Saltwater Lover is a unique story. I suppose it was a monumental undertaking on my part. It is the M/M romance between a slave kidnapped from Africa who falls in love with the captain of the slave ship. The biggest complaint the reviewers had in the first version was that it wasn’t dark enough. Sigh. I didn’t think I sugar coated the slave ship or slavery aspect, but when you love or even lust after someone chances are you are not going to treat them like crap. At least I would hope that would be the case!

So I am the process of revising the story while maintaining my vision for the story and my characters. I know I cannot please everyone. Deep down I do realize I have to please myself first. I will let you know when it is re-released.

For now you can oggle my new cover. ūüėÄ

Saltwater Lover