I would love to tell you about the new contract I have for my romance novella, and the plans I have for the following stories. I’d love to share the blog tour links I’ve set up, and the giveaway I’m doing to correspond with the release. I will, too, once everything is square. Ask any author about the most difficult leg of the process and you’ll hear a few answers. For me, I suppose it’s the waiting.

Depending on the project, I may spend a few months to a year on a story. These days writers may eliminate the waiting through self-publishing, though one can encounter it there. You wait for edits, you wait for your cover artist to send mockups, and you wait for the distributor to approve your content for sale. When you submit a work to a publisher you deal with the same issues, perhaps for longer.



I prepared my novella late last year for submission, and it appears the waiting will take me into February. I’ve been through this before, so I shouldn’t be surprised. It doesn’t make the waiting any more relaxing, though. I try to occupy myself with other things in my downtime because refreshing my inbox does little to help. I read, I catch up on shows in my Hulu queue, and I plot the next book. I am currently 13k into an unrelated work for another project, and I’d like to finish by month’s end. After that, it’s on to the next work. All I can do right now.

How do you deal with The Waiting? What helps to ease your nerves?