Thank goodness it is February. Last month proved to be one I would rather forget. This one has started on a brighter note. I am really busy helping to promo a sweet boxed set Mother’s Day Magic.Some of the proceeds from this compilation go to charity, specically to those supporting people with MS. You can find out more about all that at my blog.

I’m also showing off the fabulous Sexy to Go Valentine’s Day collection too.


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Here is a little snippet from my story in the collection-The Antique Fair.

“Yes, traditional and more importantly embossed with the maker’s name. A lovely antique set, something well worth looking after. That’s why I went back after we’d paid. I didn’t want anyone else to find them before the desk’s delivered. I’ve got them in my coat sleeve. Body warmth should do the leather good.”
“Mike, you said you would only ever use your hand.”
“And so I will whenever I must, my angel. I promise, these are just for fun, believe me.”
“Oh.” I couldn’t hide the direction my mind had taken. “What if I don’t like them?”
“You will. What I mean…” he said. His eyes gleamed with his sweetest smile as he checked the rearview mirror and then flashed a glance to me before he looked back to the road. “I’ll never break my promise to you. I will spank you hard if you need it and in that case I’ll only ever use my hand. But there are other times when you want me to spank you for fun and then a nice supple tawse might be ideal. I’ll spank you whenever we decide it would be a good way to spend some time. I love you.”
“When shall we try it?”
“I should think if I polish them a couple of times when we get back today and again tomorrow morning one of them should be ready by tomorrow afternoon.”
“Dress up?” We hadn’t done dress up for a few weeks because we’d both been so tired after work and I hoped he’d say yes.
“Sure. Formal would be good, almost the right era, too.”
“Elbow length gloves?”
“Absolutely, and no underwear.”
I enjoyed his smiling profile. “Deal.” The last brilliance of the scarlet sunset faded from the view ahead. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

I hope the snippet made you smile. I enjoyed writing the story.

Along with working on Sexy to Go and Mother’s Day Magic I am also in the process of getting Rewriting the Law, as a complete story self published. I’ll be revealing the new cover very soon. I’ll be sure to let you know when.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks