Eva2It’s nearly Valentine’s Day. Do you do anything special to mark the occasion? Us old married fuddy duddy’s might get some chocolate or champagne, but otherwise spend a quiet evening at home. With the cat!

Even better would be a nice hot juicy episode of Game of Thrones or perhaps Penny Dreadful. Lately I’ve been stuck on Dark Matter, the latest SciFi series that was just renewed for a second season. Hurry up already!! I need those on Netflix tomorrow!

But barring that, I’ll have to amuse myself with my writing. There’s always something to do, eh?

I set my shifter story, Hard Wolfe Cafe in the Hard Rock Cafe eatery, or something quite similar. It features a Goth girl wolf and a sexy alpha who remains mateless. In my typical style I also throw a sexy, unmated female beta into the mix. Gee, I wonder what will happen?


woman kneeling bwHere’s an excerpt:

“Sit down.” He pulled her into the booth next to him, so close their legs touched from hip to knee. With his other hand he picked up a French fry, dipped it in tarter, and then slid it between his wide lips.

She watched his mouth open fascinated by the sheer area of kissability his lips presented. When he caught her staring, she blushed. “What’s your name, honey?”

“Nikaya.” She braced herself for the usual repercussions. The lectures about her Goth tendencies, how she hung out with the wrong crowd, why she wasn’t suitable mate material, etc.

“Nikaya Lansing?” The woman across from Nikaya had short red hair and piercing brown eyes. She had the feeling not much got past this woman.

Nikaya swallowed around the lump in her throat, sure she was about to get booted out. “Yes.”

“Erica Flame.” She stuck out her hand to Nikaya, waiting for a shake.

Stunned, Nikaya shook it.

“I’m Adam’s second.” Erica turned her attention toward her boss. “See, I told you there was another wolf in here. If you’d stopped ogling her you would have scented her, too.”

Adam grunted softly in reply and calmly ate another couple fries. Nikaya blinked. The interaction between Erica and Adam was not what she’d expected. Most alphas she’d known were uptight control freaks who tolerated no slights to their authority. Erica’s taunts would not exactly be welcome in most packs, nor had Nikaya heard of any other female seconds. Adam must have sensed her confusion, for the hand holding hers tightened, and he swept a thumb over her skin sending enticing tingles through her and filling her head with images of herself on her knees, sucking his cock. She again watched hungrily as he ate more fries, then turned his attention directly at her.

“So, Nikaya, are you mated?” His pupils slid from blue to gold as he asked the question, looking every bit the dangerous, alluring wolf she’d heard about. His magnetic gaze pulled every cell in her body toward him, slamming her with needs she’d never experienced before. Her pussy tightened as though around his cock and though fully dressed, the connection between them was so strong they might as well have been having sex in public.

Across from her, Erica exhaled with a groan and the sound rippled through Nikaya’s core, heating her to blast furnace temperature. Next to her, a shudder traveled through Adam’s solid frame. She felt it through his hand, through their connection though their bodies weren’t fully touching. She sensed him go instantly hard, his body tensing with an inflaming desire. For her.

“Jesus, can it really be?” Erica’s voice had a note of wonder in it, but was laced heavily with lust.

Adam’s voice was all dark heat as he pulled her out of the booth. “This dinner’s over. Leave a tip.”

* * *

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