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sssShilohShiloh here! Please forgive me as I go on a little rant. It seems some readers and writers have very narrow minds. Writing gay and often times interracial romance set in the 19th century poses many problems. One of which shouldn’t be the fact my men are not alphas.

Those of you familiar with my writing know that most of my sexy men are beta males. In my latest release LABORS OF LOVE both men are beta males, and I believe they are roughly equal in their relationship both inside and outside the bedroom. I have found that this is not always popular in any romance genre. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. However, here is a little food for thought. It is time to stand up for beta males and give them a voice!

People complain that the flawless models on romance covers contribute to body image problems. The romance industry is objectifying men and women. They ask for more plus size and realistic models. But what about all the beta males in society? Not every man is an alpha. Are we secretly telling men that if they do not have a take charge alpha personality that there is something wrong with them?

I hope there are more actors playing beta male characters in leading roles in film and television. Unfortunately, off the top of my head, the only beta male leading role I can think of is Castle. Beckett is the alpha female in their relationship. Does this make Castle look weak? No. In my opinion, in makes Castle real, it makes him human.

I was curious how many men identified themselves as beta males. I found these statistics online via Statistic Brain Research Institute. Apparently 75.3 % of Republicans, 72.4 % of Independents and 62.8 % of Democrats identified as a beta male. That is a majority of each major political party in the United States!!!

I was a little miffed at the bottom of the poll results when they explained the definition of beta male as presented in this survey.

A Beta Male is defined as an unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation.

Unremarkable? Is that word choice already showing societal bias?

Just because a beta male is careful and chooses to avoid risk and confrontation does not mean that they are weak or cowards. When push comes to shove most beta males can be heroes. I let them shine as heroes in my writing. This shows every beta male that they have it in them to be heroes, too. Not everyone can be a Navy SEAL or sheriff. It is time we give beta males a voice and let them shine.