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sssShilohI have many stories in my head, and I have many deadlines fast approaching. The problem is I don’t want to write! The weather is finally warming up. I’m enjoying the sunshine, and I think I’m suffering from an early bout of spring fever. Who would want to be cooped up indoors chained the laptop? The next Sexy to Go box set will be a shifter

The next Sexy to Go box set will be a shifter edition. I have a WIP 1/3 done that I started a while back. I also have an idea with a Native American shifter. Unfortunately, I haven’t been inspired to write on either of them yet.

Similarly, I just don’t want to type. Yesterday I wrote a whole chapter by hand. Yikes! It actually helped free the ideas, but then I had to type up the chapter anyway. It seems to be a lose-lose situation. I’ve looked into trying text to type software, but the few I’ve tried haven’t worked well for me. I couldn’t even Dragon to install properly on my computer.

I look forward to hiking, playing basketball, and even trying tennis! I want to get more active in 2016. I bought a standing desk although I haven’t tried it yet.

I truly wish I could just think a story into being. Writing would be a whole lot easier that way! Of course, the editing would still suck. As much as I love the thrill of creating characters, a plotline, and doing research writing isn’t always fun. It seems to come in cycles for me. Right now I’m going through a slog.

Maybe a hike would help!