sssShilohI was excited when I contracted two of my gay romance books HALF SOUL and ROLE REVERSAL with audiobook narrators through ACX. Unfortunately, both projects have come to a screeching halt. I have cancelled the HALF SOUL contract after not even receiving the first fifteen minutes, and while I did receive the first fifteen minutes of ROLE REVERSAL I have been waiting a long time to received the completed manuscript. I am in the process of cancelling that contract as well. If you know any narrators, or narrate yourself, the books should be up for grabs again shortly.

I think audiobook listening is on the rise. It is certainly easier to listen to a book than read. You do not have to give the story your undivided attention. You can listen to a book while cleaning house, working out, driving in the car etc. I have not given up on getting more of my stories into audio format, but I am a bit discouraged.  I have found some listeners eager for more multicultural and interracial romances. The growing diversity in ebooks has not expanded to audiobooks yet.

An another note, I have officially gotten spring fever! I went on my first hike. It was still a little muddy but not bad. I love taking in the fresh air. I’m looking forward to playing basketball and even tennis, too, now that the weather has warmed up. It is hard to stay chained the to the laptop writing when the sunshine and blue sky is calling me.