I plan my days with care. I keep lists, calendars, drafts, everything prepared to make my workday easier. Mondays, naturally, tend to be busier because I’m coming off a day of no work (work finds me even on my downtime), so I tend to approach the new week like Garfield does. You’ve seen the comic strips – Garfield loves his Sundays of newspaper funnies and extra lasagna, then he looked out the window to see a dark cloud looming. Monday.

Today is Thursday, but it might as well be Monday for me. Several days ago the low tire light in my car illuminated. I didn’t think much of it, because it’s a light that often comes on for no reason. If the weather is especially cold, the light will come on even though the tires are well balanced. So, la la la I drive around this week like I normally do.

Last night the husband came home and said my rear passenger tire was about to come off its rim.

We have a look, and there’s the head of a screw flush in the tread. Dang it. I have no clue where I was when I picked it up. We have construction everywhere around here – always new condos coming up and work trucks spewing tiny parts as they hit potholes. So, today, I got screwed.


At this writing, I’m at the dealership while my tire is being repaired. Luckily it’s still under warranty so we’re not set back financially. Time wise, well, I work better at home. I have to adjust, and Thursday has basically become my Monday. What else can I do but roll with the punches, because unlike Garfield I can’t hide in my bed with a pan of pasta.

Well, I could, but that would mean more laundry. Not today.