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Eva2Happy Monday and Daylight Savings Time day. In other words, UGH!

Why is Daylight Savings Time always on a Monday? Just to make us hella cranky? I mean it’s madness!

Even Grumpy Cat hates it and he sleeps ALL DAY!

daylight savings lolcat bw

I wish they’d quick mucking about with our circadian rhythms. I either want to go to bed wayyy too early or can’t sleep when I do hit the sack. So what’s a gal to do?

Drink beer I suppose!

Maybe after enough alcohol I’ll finally figure out what time it really is. In this universe anyway. No telling about others. Seriously though I swear that Daylight Savings Time makes me have the dumb. My brain was just not working today. Double UGH!

It’s now nearly 10:00 p.m. and after a nap and too much Mexican food, I think I have just enough brain power to get this post done. So here goes:

See an ad for my book, Rescuing Kyle on GLBT review site, Gay Guy Reading: http://ggr-review.com/ He’s done a great job with this site and I hope he does well and becomes quite popular!

Check out a new book cover for Monster of Loch Ness, a witch tale I’ve been meaning to upload when I have time <– and they stop changing it on me!

Loch Ness Monster cover


I seem to be on a monster bent because I’ve written some Goatman erotica and even a goatmistress story. Read about the Goatman on Kumiko Lei’s blog here. The hard part on this one is the cover. Seen any good (commercially usable) Goatmen pics around? I could use one!

Lastly we ARE doing a shifter boxed set for Sexy to Go. It’s a tiny bit delayed but it will rock when we get it done.

Enjoy your missing hour Monday!