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Did the headline grab your attention?

sssShilohDon’t worry no members of my family have died. However, I am in the process of killing a few characters. I hate writing scenes involving death whether it is a peaceful death in bed or a bloody death on the battlefield. It isn’t that I don’t have a healthy relationship with death. I mean it can’t be avoided, right?

Still, it is one of the hardest things for me to write. I have been known to write the whole story and then go back and write the death scene at the very end. Fist fights and other forms of physical action aren’t much better than death scenes, however, they do not carry the emotional punch. (pun intended)

After watching lots of old western TV shows I’ve noticed a few actors who handled death scenes well. Those who die bravely and can hold their breath afterward! Most of the time though these scenes either fall flat or are too sappy for me.

Have you read or watched a good death scene recently? I need some inspiration. Feel free to comment with your recommendations. *pst* Everyone who comments will get a free copy of my M/M romance LABORS OF LOVE if they want it.