My apologies first as I missed a post two weeks ago. I was working out of the office due to a power glitch in there and so didn’t have the visual clue of my calendar to remind me. I’m back in the office now the power problem is sorted, so hopefully that won’t happen again.
The last few weeks I’ve been busier than ever working on all kinds of things and then wham—I got a big reminder that I’m not invincible. Whilst expending lots of energy on housework, which has to be my least favorite task ever, I somehow managed to whack my knee with the heavy part of the vacuum. Instant and extensive pain, followed by massive swelling, and I have spent the last ten days or so hobbling around unable to do half of what I’d intended. The worst part about it has been I’ve not been able to sit at the computer for extended periods of time as the knee complains about it.
One thing the whole process has given me is lots of time to think of descriptions of pain. I have a new catalogue of words and sounds I can use which may come in useful at some time in the future. I’ve also found the variety of expressions from people as a result of my squeaks and whimpers very informative as I’ve limped around the local shops. Some people look genuinely concerned, whereas others appear almost embarrassed, as if I’ve behaved inappropriately for betraying that the limp is very uncomfortable. Interesting and I am sure I’ll use some of those expressions in my writing.
But enough of the physical frailties, one of the things I enjoy blending into my stories is the emotional frailties of the people. Sometimes those character traits are more agonising to deal with than any physical sensation. I’m working on a couple of new stories and in one of them, a murder mystery romance; the emotion of jealousy has sprouted like a very ugly mushroom. I think jealousy and its relation envy are two hugely powerful emotions and I am enjoying exploring the effect of them on my heroine. They have led her into some very dark thoughts and although she understands how destructive they are to her personally she can’t yet seem to stop wallowing in them. I’d call that a real folly, but it has been great fun to write. Will she find a cure for her damaging emotions? I hope so, but as I’ve yet to move the story forward I’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading.
Daisy Banks