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Office Pranks

I work in an office, like so many of us, and from time to time, my mind drifts to more fun things than the job at hand.

Who doesn’t love a good, well thought-out office prank?

I recently started watching The Office (US), and LOVE the pranks that Jim plays on Dwight. To me, they are the highlight of each episode. There are plenty of Jim’s Best Pranks videos on YouTube, but one of my favourites, is Future Dwight. See the clip below.



17627805_sI’ve taken part in elaborate telephone pranks, with the old fashioned desk phones that you don’t get now. The kind where you can unscrew the speaker, or the earpiece, and then stuff cardboard or cotton wool in the space. Or simply taping down the phone rest so that when it’s lifted from the base, it continues to ring. The old ones are still good 🙂

It’s a while since I wrote a joky character, most of them recently have been dark and angsty. One of my favourites continues to be Sasha Llewellyn, from the Snowdonia Wolves series. He’s pushy and dominant, but playful, and so charming. He gets his own story in A Handful of Wolf, and there’s a snippet below.

How about you? Have you ever constructed a fantastic office prank? Or been the unwitting victim? I’ll give away a copy of A Handful of Wolf to one random commenter.



“Twenty bucks on her.” Dion nudged him and Sasha stared at her some more. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen the curvy brunette and he figured she must work in one of the nearby office blocks. Kissing her would be no hardship at all.

He flashed a grin at his colleague. “You’re on.”

Dion winked and they bumped knuckles. “I’ll raise it to fifty if you score a date with her.”

Fifty? The guy was earning too much. “Just a date?”

“Yep, but she has to turn up. No show, no pay.”

Sasha shrugged. He loved a challenge and this would be a fun diversion for the end of the week. “Sure.” At that moment, the breeze intensified and whipped at her scarf, tugging it free.

“Watch and learn, dude.” Sasha prowled to the edge of the platform and leaned on the rail. The girl grabbed at the errant scarf, but it was too late. It swirled up and away from her before floating on the breeze, racing across the busy road and flying upward toward the builders.

Sasha channeled his inner wolf and jumped onto the guardrail. He crouched for a second before springing forward and catching the trailing end in his fingertips. He dropped neatly onto the next platform and stood there, waiting to see her reaction.

Dion whistled and clapped his hands. The girl stared open-mouthed and then laughed, a dimple appearing in her cheek.

Wow. Sasha could see why she’d been wearing a scarf; her very generous breasts were all but falling out of her stretchy white T-shirt. He had a thing for leggy blondes, but there were plenty of those in Wellington and he’d dated more than his fair share, so maybe it was time for a change.

The girl dodged between a string of cabs and made it safely to his side of the road. Sash vaulted over the guardrail and grinned as she approached. Dion stood no chance of hanging on to his money.


 A Handful of Wolf

A_Handful_of_Wolf_Cover_for_KindleSasha’s not a looking-to-the-future kind of guy, but he’s made an exception with his plans to travel and meet lots of pretty girls. Too bad his Pack Alpha, fate, and reality have other ideas about his trip abroad. He’s pretty sure he didn’t sign on to be a diplomat for the Snowdonia Wolf Pack. Or to find a Mate. Especially not a human Mate.

Megan knows better than to let a sweet-talking charmer get under her skin, but Sasha’s sexy playfulness is making her forget all her rules. Except one: she’s not willing to risk her heart by falling in love. The gorgeous boy from Wales can only be a fling, especially since her over-protective brothers hate him on sight.

In the midst of a wolf uprising, a hesitant Mate, and Megan’s complicated family ties, Sasha learns that sometimes impulsiveness is dangerous and even lethal. Can he show Megan why they belong together before it all comes crashing down around him and he loses his Mate forever?

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