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Eva2It’s Monday and I’ll share if I want to. Share if I want to….

Life’s been crazy lately. Got our tax bill and we owe almost $3k. Oops! Had a joint b-day for mom and dad yesterday and the day before we drove around picking up spuds and sausage. Somehow I found time to finish a M/M story I’ve been working on for the Shifter edition of Sexy to Go.

So today I’ll share a little bit about the story. The title is Huck’s Finn.

Two inspirations made their way into this story. First, I was arguing with my husband and the thought popped into my mind about make up sex. Heh. Then, we were in a grocery store and almost bumped into a guy dressed exactly as I describe Finn in the story. Putting those two elements together with a dash of local scenery, the story came together fairly quickly.

As you may know, alpha males have a hard time letting go of their control. What if one of them over stepped the bounds of good behavior and really pissed their mate off? Well, and of course hurt their feelings big time. Everyone argues right? Here’s the storyline:


Huck’s Finn

Furious over his mate’s latest slip of the lip, Luka tells Colton goodbye at an all night truck stop. Soon after, he’s propositioned by Finn, or is he? When Finn’s mate Huck shows up tempers flare and while the two alphas duke it out, Finn and Luka take off.

But before Luka can get fully packed his emotions are healed. All that’s left now is to forgive Colton. Luckily Colton’s become a new man, one willing to give his mate exactly what he wants, even if it’s a four-man sex session in their private bedroom.


A faint clapping sounded from the doorway and Colton didn’t have to turn his head and look to see Huck standing there. The man’s mountainous form loomed nearby, but his presence didn’t matter. The mate-bond urge to take Luka right then and there trilled through every nerve in his body and Colton intended to do just that. If Huck wanted to watch that was his own issue. But the guy on the floor presented a problem.

“Move,” he ordered, and Finn rose, his wicked smirk growing wider by the second. Colton had no idea what Finn was so smug about. The next second Finn flung himself at Huck and the two of them shared a loud wet kiss. Colton heard zippers coming down and clothes coming off. Damn those two were in a helluva hurry. He gazed at Luka, his body aching on a long slow burn.  Not tempted to speed-dial his orgasm, Colton planned to spend every effort to make sure Luka desired no one but him. Sneaking his fingers under Luka’s shirt, he slid the fabric upwards slowly, enjoying the feel of smooth skin. He pressed his lips to Luka’s neck and gave the tender flesh a nibble.

His mate’s sharp inhale had him jerking his head up to apologize, fearing he’d caused him harm. Instead Luka’s cheeks were flushed, his gaze riveted to the doorway. Finn had dropped to his knees to suck Huck’s long cock, and the sounds of enjoyment they were both making would have made a busload of nuns faint from the vapors. Luka’s breathing sped and his dick hardened. All these things turned Colton on, but when Luka rubbed his hardness into Colton’s thigh, making little moans of want, Colton nearly came unglued.

Remembering Huck’s words from earlier, he restrained his urge once more and forced himself to give Luka a long leash. He caressed and squeezed Luka’s ass as he murmured hot words into his ear. “You like that, baby? You like to watch those two fuck?”

Luka gave a wild cry of desire that lit Colton’s wolf aflame. After taking Luka’s shirt off, he flicked a dusky nipple and gloried in Luka’s shuddering reaction. Finally he removed his own shirt before turning to Huck and Finn and issuing an order he hoped would make his mate happy. “Turn to your sides, guys. Luka wants to watch.”

Luka’s smile of gratitude didn’t quite reach his eyes. His shocked look Colton dismissed with a shake of his head, silently assuring Luka he wasn’t crazy. Well, other than crazy about him. He met Luka’s gaze while the duo in the doorway turned until Huck stood with his back against the frame and Finn knelt naked on his knees, his ruddy blonde hair bobbing atop his head as he worked Huck’s dick down his throat.

“Oh, God.” Luka’s needy tone melted Colton’s bones. His fingers circled Luka’s waistband and popped open his fly. When he slid his hands into the breach, he found no fabric to hinder his approach. Luka had gone commando.


* * * *

In case you’re wondering, yes, they make up just fine and Luka even becomes a little more skilled at handling his alpha, thanks to Finn!

Look for this story in the Shifter volume of Sexy to Go!

Happy Monday!!