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Who doesn’t love to dance? Whether it’s slow smooching with a hot guy, bopping with a girlfriend who’s seen you shaking your ass more than once before, or by yourself at home with the music full blast, it’s awesome.

Portrait of smiling girls looking at camera on background of their friends

By a strange coincidence, most of my books include a dance scene, and my current manuscript is no exception. It’s still WIP, but has a tentative title – A Perfect Stranger – and an equally tentative release date – June 2016.

Why am I talking about dancing? This weekend, if all goes to plan, I hope to be shaking my own ass at an all-day music festival in Wellington. Fingers crossed the rain stays away… a day of sunshine will make a great event spectacular 🙂

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Here’s a brief (unedited) excerpt from A Perfect Stranger.

Enjoy 🙂

The thumping beat gave way to a sultry vibe and provided all the excuse I needed to hold her as we swayed to the music. It felt entirely natural for her to drape her arms around my neck, while I held her loosely around the waist.

I wanted to run my fingers through her hair, to see if it was as soft as it looked. Unable to resist, I lifted one hand and tucked a stray lock behind her ear. The dark strands felt like silk. I did it again, and uncovered a gleaming hoop that sparkled in the flashing disco lights. She didn’t back off, or push my hand away. Her eyes locked onto mine, and we could have been the only people in the room.

If she kept gazing at me like that, I’d kiss her.

I didn’t kiss girls on dance floors. In public. I didn’t normally send flowers to pretty girls either, and it was becoming apparent I’d not only stepped out of my comfort zone, I’d landed on a whole new freakin’ planet.

She moistened her lips with her tongue, and I bit back a groan. One taste, that was all I needed.

She reached up, and leaned against me. Her mouth edged closer, and then she spoke into my ear. “I love this song. One of my favourites.”

Fuck. I thought she was homing in for a kiss. I needed to get myself under control. Half a bottle of good champagne had left me far more relaxed than normal. I breathed in deep through my nostrils and tried to will my rising erection to subside. What had Kate just said? The song. She liked the song. I recognised the soulful lyrics and the insistent bassline, but I couldn’t place it.

I needed some distance, but I’d no intention of letting her go. In a moment of genius, I turned her to face the DJ on his podium, and then held her from behind. I had my arms filled with the most sexy and gorgeous woman I’d met in ages, and I might be able to hang onto a shred of control.

Or not. Kate’s hands came to rest on top of mine, and then she rubbed her delectable ass against my groin. My dick, previously half-hard, responded with a mind of its own. She couldn’t miss the bulge in my pants. Jesus. This was torture of the sweetest kind.