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Eva2I had fun writing up this little ditty about a witch and a cursed prince, doomed to live out his days trapped at Urquhart Castle. When she uses her magic to try to free him, she finds out that he bears another curse — he is the Loch Ness Monster.

Dunh dunh dunh!

But despite the fact all the other witches who’ve tried to free him have drowned, she goes ahead and risks it anyway. Why? I suppose witches have egos, you know? But that’s not the only reason.

The story has sort of a time-travelly flair to it. Characters that are 1,000’s of years old pop up out of the blue, and there’s some heavy DREAM SEX tossed in for good measure that gives the witch a pretty strong reason to free him. Past to present, present to past, Mr. Princely is soon running about in naught but a kilt borrowed for the castle gift store and everyone smells like pond water!

Because, you know, Loch Ness doesn’t exactly smell like roses! Seriously. It’s a big old murky lake. Anything that falls into it is gonna need a shower. Heh.

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During a visit to Loch Ness a talented witch raises the spirit of the castle’s former prince. Determined to rescue him from his cursed existence she must destroy the Loch Ness monster before it drowns her in the lake’s murky depths. When magic fails, is she bold enough to claim her eternal mate or will she die his unwitting victim?

Excerpt: featuring yummy dream sexiness!


Back in their chamber he guided her to the bed. She lay down upon it without question, part of her too eager to see what would happen next to resist. The other part trusting him completely, for a reason she could not discern. When she lay on her back he stared down at her.

“Open your legs for me, love.”

“Robert.” She said his name, but it did nothing to jostle her from this crazy dream. Was it possible she’d been Marion in a past life? Whether it was or she merely wished she had been, Robert of Ness thought she was his wife and she possessed little impulse to correct him.

As if he needed no further invitation his hands came to her calves and he parted them. Then they slid underneath the fabric, sensuously rolling it toward her hips. He bent to offer kisses along her thighs. Starting at the knees, working his way higher.

Sharp tingling desire struck her core. A wave taller than the castle tower threatening to steal her sanity. If she gave herself over to it, no telling what might happen. But part of her wanted it. Wanted him.

He raised and removed his tunic, then undid the lacings of his shirt. Here in this light, Robert of Ness showed off a marvelously built body. Light red curls just reached his broad shoulders, which seemed wider and stronger without clothes. His skin glowed, rippling with health. It made her heart stutter to think of him ghostly, hidden away like a wilting violet for hundreds and hundreds of years. To stem the ache in her breast she reached for him, and he covered her body with his.

The outline of his erection strained against her thigh as his mouth lowered onto hers. She sensed his seed ripe, heavy, waiting to fill her and she wanted it. Raising both hands to clasp the back of his head, she kissed him back. Wantonly moving her hips, rubbing and teasing his manhood as well as stoking her own need. Before she could ask for what she wanted, he reached between them and cupped her mound. Then he slid his fingers into her sick heat.


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