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I’m not in Vegas right now. Neither are a lot of other authors and readers I know. It’s asssLandra bit expensive to add a trip to the city of sin when there are multiple signings I’m already attending this year. Plus, I had deigned to offer the event with presence I would’ve spread the lovely cold I contracted on Monday. I am literally stuck at home, at least for one more day.

I won’t begrudge those who are going though. RT is a great, albeit crowded, conference. Readers are treated like royalty and authors have a chance to connect with a bunch of like minded individuals, in addition to fangirling over the favorites. I’m sad I’ll miss seeing Janet Evanovich this year. ūüė¶

In lieu of attending a convention, Siobhan Muir had the brilliant idea to host a week long Facebook party for those stuck. It’s kind of a free-for-all with lots of giveaways. Stuck at Home for RT is a great way to meet new authors and win a ton of books without leaving the comfort of your home.

My offer to attendees is a chance to win all three of my Desperately Seeking Submissive series. It only takes a hot photo of a celebrity crush and a follow on Amazon. Here’s a link so you, dear readers, can get a taste of the action.

P.S. Desperately Seeking Submissive Book 3, What You Desire is coming April 22nd. What this one about? The promo tweet says it all: Will she trade her dominance for a night of submission?