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jocelyn dex, paranormal romanceHappy Friday!

When trying to come up with a blog post today, I looked back at some of my older posts on Silken Sheets & Seduction. My very first post, almost exactly 2 years ago, was titled “Butt Love & Giveaway”.

In addition to treating readers to alternate names for anal sex such as…

  • Riding the Hershey Highwaybuttlove
  • Going Down to Brown Town
  • Backdoor Boogie
  • Bone smuggling
  • Plowing the Back Field
  • Gardening Uphill
  • Riding the Chocolate Whizway

(Ya know, because I’m SO mature. snort)

…I also said that I didn’t find it sexy, but the characters in one of my books insisted on doing the deed, so I wrote it. Then I promptly vowed to never write it again.

Well, I lied. Ha. I recently wrote a story for an anthology that includes the Backdoor Boogie and I totally found it hot! Whereas I’m not going to include it in every book, I’m no longer going to fight my characters on doing the deed. They want it? They get it!

We don’t have a cover yet, but be on the lookout for Evernight Publishing’s Dark Captive anthology coming out May 2016 and check out the butt love in my story. 😀

And feel free to tell me your thoughts on butt love in the comments. That should be fun!

Have a fantastically freaky weekend!