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sssLandraMy day starts at 7:30am. It should start at 6am, but I stayed up too late trying to get another 2k on the latest manuscript. My children ask me if they need anything as they get ready for school and I’ll yell out from the bedroom I love them as they leave for the bus. Yes, I’m that mom and I’ve moved beyond caring.

I drag myself out of bed, searching for clothes and attempting to get cleaned up before I hustle out the door for the day job. See, like most of my fellow Silken Sheets authors, I work another job to pay the big bills. The writing doesn’t quite cover everything, yet. There’s still hope my ship will sail in, but in the meantime I want to write good stories. Stories my readers enjoy. Before I can do that I have to get through 8-9 hours at the bread-winning position.

There’s a glimmer of hope I might get a lunch hour and I’d use it to review audiobook chapters for the first in the Desperately Seeking Submissive series, What You Crave. But the last meeting ran long, emails are piling up, and lunch is looking like a pb and j sandwich when I want to drive somewhere and get a salad. No lunch, no words, just me and my solution driver mind  slogging through the latest challenge and half a dozen requests.

Somewhere around rush hour I head out for the homestead, I’ve fielded plenty of texts from the family. “What’s for dinner?” “Can we just pickup McDonald’s?” “Mom, I need your laptop for research and you took it to work.”

By the time I pull in the driveway, I’ve solved all these problems and dreamed up a dinner plan. We all know I forgot to pull out the pork chops from the freezer to thaw. It’s going to be a quick meal made from whatever random frozen/refrigerated/canned things I have. Maybe a salad thrown in for good measure. Forget the salad – the lettuce went bad. While I rummage through the fridge, I ask kids about homework. I field the latest ideas from the husband on swag for my books (he’s the sweetest, most supportive guy ever), and convince him not to spend more money. “I hate it when you don’t change your mind.” You’d think he wouldn’t want me to spend money. “It’s go big or go home, baby.”

Dinner gets throw on plates, an episode of Star Trek Voyager plays out on television displaying how a space traveling crew overcomes a prejudice or saves the day from the Borg. Afterwards kids are sent to bed, dishes piled in the sink to be dealt with the next day. Maybe I remember to put any leftovers away, maybe I forget them in the microwave (out of sight, out of mind). The husband kisses me good night and leaves me to my own devices.

Then I stay to late chasing words, writing blog posts, and doing my best to steer clear of Facebook and the Kindle app with a million books calling my name.

May I say – best day ever! *I’m thankful this is my day because it could be worse, with more challenges, more problems. If my biggest problem is slogging through work email and producing a well-rounded meal for dinner, I’m winning*

LG_What_You_Desire_LG[1]What’s Out Now: What You Desire

Laney Malcolm is searching for the one…
She wants a submissive who will love her and all the bad habits.

Second time is the charm…
Her first shot at a 1Night Stand date went wrong when she got ill. With another chance, she’s sure this time things will work out.

He’s fallen hard…
Garrett Rogers has been Lacey’s best friend since college. Only in the last few months has he realized she’s the one he wants. Not wanting to risk losing his opportunity, he seeks Madame Eve’s help. The date is set, but when he shows up, things may not go as planned since he’s asking her to trade in her dominance for one night of submission.