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Eva2Well here I am late again. I really ought to receive a spanking! And don’tcha know how badly I want one?

After working hard this weekend doing yardwork I forgot to post on Monday. So here I am now, belatedly saying hello. *Waves*

What’s on my mind this week? Plenty! For starters, Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been re-watching seasons 1 and 2 — ancient TV for sure! — on Netflix and I have to say that as I watch this now 10 year old series, I see it through different eyes. An erotic romance writer’s eyes! And I gotta tell you, it makes me shake my head.

Dr. Burke. What is up with that guy? He’s pushy. He’s demanding, he issues ultimatum after ultimatum to Cristina and she caves and caves and caves. It’s darn ugly to watch. In fact, I’d categorize it more as abuse than a true relationship. He might fall into the category of alpha-maleish but she would struggle to get a “strong heroine” label from most romance readers.

And Dr. Shepherd. Man. He doesn’t tell Meredith she’s married, then his wife shows up – surprise! – and the woman he obviously loves is crushed. The show writers give him a very good reason for having left his wife (she cheated on him with his best friend) but then attempt to make him a martyr by not signing the divorce papers and instead staying with his wife. What is that supposed to prove? That’s he somehow above it all or that he’s backwards-worthy of Meredith since he won’t allow himself to be with her? And poor Meredith. She’s a martyr too because she can’t let go.

GA season 1 bw

These love stories hardly qualify as “romances” in the regular sense. They’re quite infuriating actually! But of course they get all strung out and eventually come to the love table, but then, like a true late night show, everyone dies. I hate that even worse!

Maybe I should stick with CareBears, where everyone is happy and no one ever dies. Unfortunately, no one has sex there either! Gah!!!

I don’t know how many of you remember that far back in the show, but if you do, what were your thoughts at the time?

More later