It will take time to get over losing Prince. A person like him comes around so rarely, and if anything we can take comfort in the fact that we were here to witness his genius first hand. Hundreds of years after Shakespeare and Mozart, we still enjoy their works, and generations from now people will enjoy Prince…only they’ll have missed the opportunity to experience him.

Purple Rain

Read all the tributes and tweets and you’ll find people took different things away from their view of Prince. He taught people to embrace their own identity and sexuality, to go into bold projects without fear or worry of what other people might think, and to create. One thing I’ll remember about him is his passion for what he created. He wrote music and songs and he wanted control of them. He battled with Warner Brothers for his catalog, and it got so ugly he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol to get out of a situation he didn’t like. He taught me that not everybody has our best interests at heart, especially where money is concerned, and we should be vigilant.

Love Symbol

Authors, like musicians, create and deal with contracts and subsidiary rights. Many authors take on indie routes to have control over their books in every possible adaptation, while others prefer to work with publishers. Knowing what Prince went through in his career, I am inspired to write more and think outside the box, and worry less. Does it mean I’ll stay indie going forward? Not necessarily, but I will endeavor to speak up and not be afraid to negotiate a point in a contract if I feel I must. I don’t know where the future will take me, but I’ll go in with confidence.

And listen to great music while I hope for good things to happen.