sssSotia It’s Easter Sunday for the Greek Orthodox when you read this, and since most of you wake up sometime during my afternoon, I’ve already had my fill of yummy goodness.

That isn’t the case while I’m writing this, however. Though I don’t observe the 40-day lent, I kept away from all animal products this week, and it’s been hard.

I’m not here to debate life choices (though hats off to vegans; I want to at least give up meat, sometime in the near future), but most of my default snacks involve cheese, so this was super hard. I’ve been thinking of cheeses and bacon 24/7 for days, and when I tried to write, I ended up with Cherry asking Constantine to hit a drive-through so she could have greasy burgers. And then I took my time thinking of how they’d taste, instead of moving on with the plot. So I gave up writing for this week.

I can’t think of anything sex related for this post. Right now, a juicy beef burger topped with crispy bacon, mushrooms, and melted Swiss cheese and drenched in mayo is the sexiest picture I can conjure.

Is there a dish you’d choose over a night of passion? Care to share?

I may post pics of today’s lunch in the comments. If I find out how to do so.